4 weeks until my 1st Half Marathon!

If you all remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post When I Fell in Love with Running.   It's been a tough road…knee pain, physical therapy.  There has been lots of Aleve and lot of frozen peas on the knees to get ready for my first race ever!

I've been training for this run since December.
We have now started to hit high mileage on our training runs.  A couple of weeks a go I hit 10 miles…

Last Saturday I hit 12 miles…12 miles!  I can't believe it.

I'm running the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Austin on March 30th…if you are in the Austin area I would love for you to come out and cheer me on.  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.  I can't believe I'm a runner!  This is crazy.

 I will be sure to post weekly updates on my progress as time gets closer…have a great weekend!

52 lists in 52 weeks | week #8

Things that Drive Me Crazy!
 - being late
 - to sign school papers or writing checks for the kids in the morning
 - people who drive under the speed limit in the fast lane
 - when my kids wear winkled clothes and refuse to let me iron for them.
 - kitchen cabinets left opened
 - when I don't keep my promises
 - my messy desk
 - when my pantry becomes disorganized, like it is now

Friday Letter - Feb 14th

dear self:  10 miles!  I still can't believe it.  you are changing right in front of my eyes.

dear the word 'inspire" - please stop making me tear up everytime someone uses you to describe me or what I'm going.  this word...so powerful

dear hair - I think you might be a keeper.  loving you right now.

dear honey:  happy valentine's day.  thanks for laughing at my stupid jokes.  glad today was great!

dear kids:  bad weather days are now over!  no more missing school and no more 2 hour delays.

dear half marathon - I'm excited and nervous to meet you for our upcoming date.

52 lists in 52 weeks | week #7

Things I Love
 - I love my husband and kids
 - I love coffe
 - I love to write in all lower case - but not the letter "I" (not sure why)
 - I love to watch national geographic with my husband
 - I love being creative
 - I love to run...in the rain
 - I love to laugh
 - I love instagram
 - I love being a twin
 - I love sunday afternoon naps
 - I love to organized my closet
 - I love to see hot air balloons in the morning sky
 - I love when my kids show me new things or shoe me an easier or smarter way to get things done, I still have so much to learn
 - I love me!

when I fell in love with running...

August 15, 2013 is when I fell in love with running...

Someone that I've known for many years ran into my  life and continues to help me become a runner.  She is now my mentor.  I've always been embarrassed to run because I didn't think I could because of my size.  I never understood why people would want to run for long distances.  I didn't know about the "runner's high" you get.  I didn't know about the energy I would feel.  I didn't know running would help me with my daily stress and make me a more pleasant mom, wife, co-worker and a more creative crafter/artist.

Since August I've described myself as a person learning to become a runner.  As of today I've run over 250 miles.  Now I think it's time to say "I'm a runner" and I love it!

I don't care that I don't run a 10 minute mile
I don't care if it's cold, hot or raining.
I don't care what other people think.
I'm running because it makes me feel good.
I'm running because it makes me a better person.
I'm running for me!
I'm running because I love it!!!

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