52 lists in 52 weeks | week #5

Week #5  Apps I Can't Live Without

Oh my…ok I use these apps almost every. single. day

Instagram - My number one social media place right now.  I love to share with brands I love and use daily!
Starbucks!  My number two app.  I can keep up with my stars, rewards and pay for my items right from this app.  I love getting out of the car with only my phone and they just scan my phone to make my purchase.  
Etsy!…ofcourse, I'm able to stay connected with my customers on the go.
Run Meter!  I use this for all of my runs.  It keeps a history for me that way I can start to compare runs.  It also keeps up my mileage, calories burned and runtime.  
Day One -   This is a journaling app and I use it to describe my run for the day or journal about the things I'm grateful for.  You can add photos and back it up on your computer.
My Fitness Pal - I use this to count calories and also to keep up with calories burned during runs.  LOVE!
InstaWeather -   Cute app to post temps in your area and you choose the background using your own pics and you can then post them to instagram…LOVE.
Rhonna - design app.  You can give your pictures a little 'bling'. They have so many Design Packs and fonts to choose from.  A must have.

I also love Hobby Lobby, Target, Joann's, Facebook, TwitterEventbright and Passbook.  I don't use these every day, but I do use them often.


Our week 6 prompt:  My Favorite Teas…
Have a great Wednesday everyone

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DIY Notebook

Supplies you will need for this project:
8.5 X 11 cardstock (in any color, we used black)
8.5 X 11 copy paper
Alphabet Stickers
Metallic Sharpie (in any color, we used gold)

Start by cutting your copy paper and cardstock in half to 5.5 X 8.5 inches.
Then fold all the papers in half again to make a booklet, trim off any excess. But copy paper aside for now.

Draw a light line on the card stock to ensure your stickers line up straight.
Add stickers

Then just start adding dots...lots and lots of dots.

Once you have finished added dots, carefully remove the stickers from the card stock

 Erase the pencil line

Then fold the card stock and copy paper together in half...and staple.  
In the picture below you can see, we colored our staples gold.  

And you have a finished notebook.  The perfect size for your purse or bag.

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Friday Letter - Jan 24

Yes, yes, I'm a little late…here goes:

dear MomComLife:  Can't wait to attend this weekend!  Can't wait to meet awesome moms.
dear 8 miles:  yes, we have a date Saturday morning…it's going to be cold!
dear honey:  thanks for all your support - love you!
dear self:  FEAR has two meanings.  Forget Everything And Run and Face Everything And Rise…the choice is ours!
dear weekend:  slow down, please?  dear next week:  Bring it on!

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Heart of Gold DIY Framed Hearts

I wanted to share this super easy Valentine's project.

Great to display at your desk.  Hang on a wall or above the fireplace in your family room.  Customize it  and use larger or smaller frames.

Supplies you'll need:
Glittered paper, we used red and gold
White Cardstock that measures an inch or more larger than your mat opening
Heart punch
Glue Dots
Photo mat

…in this project we used a 11x14 mat with a 8x10 opening and a 11x14 frame.  You can use any size frame for this project.

1.  Punch out the hearts - we punched 44 red hearts and 1 gold heart

2.  Attach your card stock to your mat using adhesive

3.  Align your hearts and get them lined up and spaced out they way you like

4.  Use glue dots to adhere the hearts to the card stock

5.  Add your framed art into your frame.

Friday Letter - Jan 17

dear self:  high fives all around.  By the way, loving the natural look…
dear Wednesday:  Can we try doing better next week?  
dear hubby:  love you.  dear kids:  love you too!  
dear runs:  you feel amazing, 7 miles, yeah you tried killing me, but that's ok - I'm still alive - let's play nice and get along tomorrow.   5 miles, you feel so natural this week, can we do it again next week? dear project life binder:  looking good, I must remember to keep it easy and not go crazy!  dear wedding rings:  I think it's time to get resized.  
dear friday:  thanks for getting here.  
dear MomCom conference:  Me?  A scholarship, why thank you.  I can't wait to attend!

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52 lists in 52 weeks | week #3

Week #3:  My Favorite TV Shows

When typing up this list I realized...I watch lots of TV.  I think maybe the TV is on the entire time I'm in the studio.   oh well
I must say my all time favorite TV show is Will and Grace!  I hate this show has gone off the air.  I own every. single. season!  I love it.  Close second is Big Bang Theory!  But...I must watch Scandal every week.  It's crazy, I know!

Here is the rest of the list:
1.   Will & Grace
2.   Big Bang Theory
3.   Barefoot Contessa
4.   Beyond Scared Straight
5.   Bones
6.   Castle
7.   Chopped
8.   Criminal Minds
9.   Cupcake Wars
10. Dexter
11. Diner, Drives-Ins & Dives
12. Giada at Home
13. Good Morning America
14. Hawthorne
15. Kelly & Michael
16. Law & Order
17. Modern Family
18. Project Runway
19. Psych
20. Real Housewives of Atlanta
21. Revenge
22. Scandal
23. Single Ladies
24. Suits
25. The Closer
26. The Pioneer Woman

Thanks for stopping by
Week #4's prompt:  Great Things About My Community

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DIY Jumbo Gold Paperclips

A super easy project!
I have seen gold jumbo paper clips everywhere.  And I love them.  I had all the items at home to make them, so I made my own.

Supplies you'll need for this project
Jumbo paperclips
Half Pint Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Gold Spray Paint

All you do is just spray the top of the mason jar and the paperclips (both sides).  Just a couple of pointers.
     1.  Please be sure not to spray to close.  
     2.  As as soon as the paperclips are dry to the touch,  move them just a bit on your board so they will not stick.  Spraying from a distance will also help with this.
     3.  Let these dry a full day before using.

 Just add the clips to the jar and use. 

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Friday Letter - Jan 10

dear hubby:  love you!
self:  I told you everything would be fine. 
dear knee:  I told you too...back to the grind tomorrow!  Get ready.  
dear physical therapy:  Here I come, but don't be too hard on me, promise?
dear kids:  Happy 18th and 14th birthdays!  You both are amazing.  I'm so lucky to be your mom.  Thanks for teaching me life lessons and keeping me on track.
dear friday:  Thanks for getting here so quickly.  dear weekend:  can you try to stay a little longer than last week?  
dear blog:  Love your new look and the matching business cards are also amazing.
dear mayberry family:  thinking of you daily.

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52 lists in 52 weeks | week #2

Week #2:  10 Blogs I Adore

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you I follow over 200 blogs.  But I can't help it.  I love reading blogs.  I get so many ideas.  I had to narrow my list down to 10, so here goes.  These are my most favorite blogs EVER (in no particular order)

1.  A Bowl Full of Lemons - Life. Organized
2. The 36th Avenue - Head on over and meet Desiree, she is the cutest thing EVER!
3. The Pleated Poppy - Beautiful Imperfections of the Everyday
4. Whipperberry - Making Extraordinary Out of Everyday
5. SNAP - Creativity at Your Fingertips
6.  A Stylish Little Lady - it's all about living a creative, handmade life in style.
7.  Witty Title Here - Heather creates awesome handmade cards
8.  Understand Blue - Lydia is amazing, her daily facebook post are great, she makes me smile everyday. 
9. Craftaholic Anonymous - Linda and is a hopeless Craft Addict, and her blog is awesome!
10.  Damask Love - Where you will find inspiration and instruction for crafting of all levels.

Prompt for Week #3:  My Favorite TV Shows...

I'm in Love with Gold

I thought I would never say it but I'm so in love with gold right now. 
Yep, that's right, me.  

gold  gōld/
  1. 1.
    a yellow precious metalfor use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies.

I love the way it sparkles.  The way it shimmers reminds me of wealth.  It's classic and beautiful.  Here are a few things I found that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy.

Friday Letter - Jan 3rd

dear self:  it really will be ok.  dear knee:  it really will be ok.  
dear training schedule:  it really will be ok.  dear honey:  thanks for dealing with me.  
dear Risa:  Thanks for coming down for the holiday, it was nice to have you.  
dear work:  I'm sad we will be reunited next week, please be gentle. 
dear sunrise:  you were so beautiful this morning.  
dear kids:  thanks for an awesome holiday break, let's do it again next year.  
dear next week:  don't kill me, I know there are four people living in our house and 3 out of 4 people have birthdays next week.  I know I will make it out alive.  
dear friday:  you came way too soon, see you next week.

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52 lists in 52 weeks | week #1

I'm a person who is always makes lists, I'm sure there are several in my bag right now.  So, over the holiday I did a little research and found this amazing project - 52 Lists in 52 Weeks.

Each week I will post a new prompt and at the end of the post I will post next week's prompt.  Everyone can participate.  Simply write a list every week and keep them in a journal or keep a notepad for your project snap a picture and link up with us.  We can explore together.  I hope you will join me. 
I would like to thank the following blogs for the inspiration -  Moora Seal | Carrie Loves | Prytz Family

Week #1:  Goals for 2014

1.  Be a better wife, mom and friend.
2.  Continue to reach for the stars.
3.  Put my house on the market.
4.  Grow tisa's creations.
5.  Become more balanced.
6.  Run, run & run more!
7. Learn something new.
8.  Travel to some where new.
9.  Meet new friends!
10.  Read more.
11.  Send more thank you cards.
12.  Learn patience!!

Prompt for Week #2:  10 Blogs I Adore