DIY New Year's Eve Party

Bringing in the New Year is always exciting.  It's always exciting to be with friends and family.
A New Year  =  new goals, new possibilities, new ideas, new hopes and new dreams.

Why not throw a small party, it's easy and you can do it your self…so why not.  Here are a few things to help out…so simple and easy, anyone can do it.

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DIY Washi Tape Covered Notebook and Matching Pencils

Supplies you'll need:
Composition Book
Pencils ( I used white)
Assorted washi tape
2 sheets white card stock to cover notebook
X-acto knife
Double sided tape
Ribbon (optional)

To cover pencils tear off a piece of washi tape the length of the pencils and apply.  
Depending on the width of the tape, you may need two pieces per pencil.

Trim any extra excess from the top to expose the eraser and end of the pencil.
Then cover the rest of the pencils.

Cover the composition book with the white card stock using double-sided tape.  Cover both front and back of notebook.  Trim any excess

Then start to cover your notebook with the wash tape by lining up the pattern.  
Trim off any excess.  

Simply add ribbon and you're done.

Thanks for stopping by…

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