friday letter

dear tuesday:  you almost gave me a heart attack, please never do that again.  so glad we made it through

dear adult beverages:  I truly miss you.  wine, I needed you on tuesday

dear fizzy drinks:  I'm good with out you.  I'm in love with my new crystal light liquids

dear honey:  thanks for the laughter, you are truly amazing to let me be me

dear new routine:  ready or not, here I come

dear new boots and camera:  LOVE YOU

dear risa:  thanks for doing the photo challenge with me, it's going to be fun

happy friday everyone, have a great weekend~~  tisa


30 day photo challenge...

it's not that I need anything else to do
my plate (called life) seems to be full of amazing things - although amazing, they take up lots of time...

BUUUUUUUTTTT...I bought a new camera that I'm so super excited about.  it takes great pics but it also lets you surf the web and upload pics to your social networks and send photos via email.  I think I'm in L.O.V.E but I still have lots to learn about the newest member of my family.  So with all that said, everyone, please meet my new camera...ooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhh
SOOOO...I decided to start a 30 photo challenge.  yay, whooohoooo
I could not do this all by myself, right??  So I called my awesome twin sister and begged (not really)
...she was all for it.  Because although I think my camera is sister's camera is the monster of cameras.

yesterday was the first day:
photo challenge day#1:  self portrait
Here it is...hahaha
if you only knew I came from from dinner and put on make-up for just this picture.  
funny...funny, have a great Thursday!


Friday Letter - Feb 15, 2013

dear sleep:  where are you?  can you meet with me tonight, please?

dear honey:  love you, thanks for the beautiful flowers yesterday - it was great surprise

dear kayla:  so proud of you, I hope the flash mob was great today at school...yay for dance class...

dear anthony:  music and art?  what more could a mom ask for, you're awesome

dear craftcation:  only 34 more days!

dear 3M:  come on, what is the hold up?

dear tisa's creations etsy site:  LOVE!

Have a great weekend...tisa

Friday Letter

dear self - you DID it, you presented on branding - I'm so proud of you.  see, it was not as bad as you thought it would be.

dear Risa - I'm sorry and I'm so super sad with you. but I'm here for you and will do whatever I need to do to help out

dear New York - I'm finally coming for a visit.  I'm so happy to be able to go to the stationery show this May - whooohoooo!

dear button maker - whoohooo, thanks for coming so super fast - I love you

dear work area, you are looking so awesome.  a little bit more organizing and you will be perfect.  now only if I can keep you clean.

dear honey - love you - always, I'm so happy and I'm proud of you

dear Lani - flea tomorrow?

dear Kayla - you are really the best daughter anyone could ask for - thanks for coming to me when you need to.  I'm proud of about those DJ's for language arts, can we get those turned in on time???

dear Anthony - you are growing up so fast...thanks for all you do to help us around the house...remember she will always be your sister - love you

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Friday Letter - so late...but here goes

dear week - you were so awesome, so calm - thanks for allowing me to work from home

dear honey - congrats

dear Lani - I'm getting so excited about our upcoming trips

dear kids - progress reports were superfantasitc - keep up the great work

dear Risa - thanks for helping me with my Photoshop issue this week

dear self - don't listen to all the negative people in your life, work on moving forward

have a great weekend