first craft show of the year!

I worked my butt off to get ready for this show and to be honest I don't really set up for summer shows because usually summer is not really profitable for tisa's creations.  But I really need to give the Austin Craft Riot team HUGE credit - they did a really great job planning and setting up this event for us.  I did really great at this show - AND I HAD A BLAST!  Now can't wait for my fall shows to start.  I wanted to share just a couple of photos from the show...enjoy.  Have a great Thursday.

Friday Letter - May 29, 2012

dear self:  keep it up.  keep positive and keep learning how to be a better person and a better mother.

dear honey:  everything will be fine

dear kids:  great work this week cleaning the kitchen and making dinner.

dear Four Seasons Spa:  thank you for such an AMAZING relaxing time, can't wait for my next appt

dear work schedule:  you have been awesome.  I love all my work from home days in the summer.  vacation is coming soon and I can't wait to go somewhere.

dear100 degree weather:  please so away...please?

dear weekend:  here I come

dear state of Colorado:  I'm sorry, positive thoughts to all of you

dear brave friend dealing with cancer:  I can't imagine what you are going through, you are so brave and full of grace, I'm truly lucky to learn from you.  positive thoughts your way...

business talk thursday- credit cards!

most people hear me talk about craft shows and going to visit shows to research and find out if the show is a  right fit  for your business before signing up.  so this past weekend I did just that.  I drove over an hour to visit this show - I won't mention the name of the show, becuase we decided it's soooo not for us!

there was a lady there selling great teas and awesome instant coffee.  I noticed as she was checking someone out that she didn't take credit cards.  she had an iPad so I asked her if she should consider taking cards using square.  she immediately told me that she isn't interested in paying credit card fees - 2.75%?  and that she has not raised her prices in over 7 years...after that all I heard was "blah, blah, blah".  Seriously, that is what I heard - I completely tuned her out.  and did I mention I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK!!!  I could not believe what I was hearing.  

She continued on to tell me she only misses out on about 2 sales per show by not taking credit cards.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  so, I bought tea and I was checking out and told her that I no longer carry checks...she told me she could give me a slip and I could take my items up front and they will take my credit card...WHAT, who does this?  

...oh, yeah, when she went to put my items in a plastic bag I told her I didn't need a bag because I brought my own...she continues to give me the plastic bag and told me, her order form is included in the bag... I'M AGAIN COMPLELELY SHOCKED!!!  I got home took the order form out of the bag and look up the lady's, there is no can only place an order by sending the form with a check.  I continued to throw the order form in the trash!

Ok kiddo's here is the deal.  You miss out on more sales than you think if you can't take credit cards.  People will purhcase more if they can use a credit card and they are not limited by the amount of cash they have with them.  Customers like convenience.  

Today there are so many companies that make it so easy to take credit cards.  I use square but paypal is also working on the same type of thing.  The great thing about square...your money is sent to your bank about the next day and then depending on your bank you will see your money in 1-3 days in your account.  My understanding about PayPal is your money will show up immediately in your PayPal account.  The fees are so low.  

If you are a craft show vendor and you don't currently have a way to take credit cards, you should look into this.  There are so set up fees, there are no monthly fees and the fees per swipe is so low; there is not a huge machine to carry around, you don't need makes it a win win for most.  

There is a downside...these devices only work with iPhone, iPad or Android phones.  I honestly purchased an iPad so I could use it at craft shows.  shhhhhh, don't tell anyone. 

So although I purchased an item from this person...she did lose another customer becuase all though I love her product, I'm not going to waist time to fill out a form and put it in the mail with a check.

smooches!  tisa   

Business Talk Thursday

Last week I started to talk about "branding" is the post

Well, I promised business cards and I got business cards~~yay~~

{{just a little business talk}}
I went to a show and liked someone's product I asked for a business card and they didn't have any, I was told that they were on order.  Until this day I can't remember the name of the company.  Business cards are really important.  I didn't buy from them that day, but later I did think I wanted to give a handmade candle for a gift and I didn't have the info.

I'm so excited the first time I design business cards and they are mine {{all mine}}  I do love the way they turned out.  Circle business cards are not for everyone - but me, I love being just a tad different.  Many printing companies now offer different shape business cards - all you do is upload your high res file and you're all set. 

my new love!!!

I love journals...and I happen to see PaperCoterie on either a blog or facebook...I thought why not give it and try to see the products.  They have several journals to choose from, you can upload picture and can add personalization...when I ordered they had an amazing my order came in a few weeks ago

For me, I ordered two hard backs and one spiral...and completely fell in love.  And you all know how I feel about packaging, right?  Well each of the hardbacks came packaged in these boxed envelopes with the logo embossed on the front...super great for gift giving~
My package also included a necklace with the logo, a cute sticker a thank you note with a coupon code for 25% off my next order!!!  WOW!

AND...I bought two birthday presents, one for Lani and one for Risa and they both loved them.  I had pictures for Risa's journal.  Now I must say I had to 'steal' pictures from Lani's facebook page.  I thought, she would either love this gift or be so pissed off that I stole the pictures...she LOVE it.  And when they opened the journals there were 12 more pictures on the inside they looked at each picture and said, "oh, this is when I was here" and "this is the picture we took when we visited there".  

It was perfect - if you need a great gift you should check out PAPERCOTERIE!  CLICK HERE TO GET TO THEIR WEBSITE...they have a special going on until June 24th

I have one more friend I owe a gift to and I think I might place another order {{wink}}

new to tisa's creations

yeah - push pops!  Just in time for summer.  These add a special touch to any party, baby shower or any special event!  They can be purchased here

Friday Letter - June 8, 2012

dear self:  nothing is better than a great cup of coffee outside on a sunny summer texas morning.  we made it through another week.  see it's not as bad as you always think, right.  and everything always works out.

dear creative side:  come on, let 's get going.  the fall craft show season will be here before you know it.

dear OKC Thunder:  congrats

dear honey:  i love you always...we will have a huge hill to climb for the next couple of months but we can do it together

dear glass of wine:  we have a date tonight, so be ready

dear bowie class of 1992:  can you believe it's already been 20 years?!?!?!  can't wait to see you all next month

smooches, tisa

new branding update #1

I'm so happy with my new etsy banner

...I honestly didn't think I could or would ever 'brand' my business...but while thinking about this the last few days I guess I well as the new look to my etsy the tisa's creations website is currently being updated with a new look also!
And I {yes me; yep, me} have designed new business cards...I can't wait to show them to you.  I promise as soon as they are delivered I will share...

Speaking of reading blogs, and websites...most people say a small business can create a brand in six steps:
1.  create a logo   {{ I don't have a logo and for right now I'm ok with this }}
2.  business cards   {{please get these printed professionally always has a great price on business cards, sometimes FREE!}}
3.  choose a style  {{my style:  FUN, SIMPLE, MODERN}}
4.  stationery and labels
5.  choose a theme
6.  social networking {{ Facebook, Twitter, ect...all FREE so why not, right? }}
(source:   Renee C Quinn  - The Social Media Diva)
I would like to add one more...
7.  website or etsy {{ purchase your domain from someone like at a great price and if don't have time for the moment to update your website with details just have your website forward to your blog or your etsy }}

These seven items are so easy to do and a great starting place for us small businesses starting out.

Friday Letter: May 18th

dear friday:  you came pretty quick this week.  doesn't matter, I'm happy to sleep in tomorrow

dear lani:  I'm so excited that I already got your b-day gift.  you will love it, but I'm not sure if I can wait until July to give it to you.  can't wait to hang out tomorrow, have a drink {m, not you} and then hit's going to be fun

dear risa:  I got your b-day gift too and then I got me three of the items I got for you and Lani...heheeh

dear honey:  thank you for everything.  the simple things mean the most.  also thanks for driving the kids around {and paying} for the mother's day planning - really sweet

dear anthony and kayla:  mother's day was amazing.  thanks for doing the grocery shopping for the week and making breakfast and dinner last Sunday.  I liked the gifts too, BUT LOVED that you both were so thoughtful. I'm lucky to be your mom - LOVE YOU

dear tummy:  please get to feeling better soon

dear bre:  I can't believe you will graduate in just a few days.  I'm so proud of you.  don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your AWESOME DREAMS

dear blogs I subscribe to:  I'm so behind on reading all your awesome posts.  I promise to get caught up Sunday morning after Joel Osteen and Meet the Press

this is my friday letter - have a great weekend


My Friday Letter - April 20th

helllooooooo Friday...I'm glad you're here.  I'm hoping to finish up my workstation this weekend so I can organize and decorate it

dear honey:  thank you so much for my new ring.  I love it sooooo much.

dear kayla (daughter):  thank you for talking to me about the sex ed class that was tought this week at school.  it was so funny when you told me "I will spare you all the graphic details"  LOL that was so funny.  I love you girl, I'm very lucky to be your mom.

dear anthony (son): I'm so proud of will love driving school

dear scale:  you are dumb...I really hate you

dear excerise video:  you suck, but the workouts are really great after I'm done - yeah...there I said it, after I'm done

dear workweek:  you were not too bad this week - thanks

tisa's weekend in review

I had a great busy but peaceful weekend.  Friday night we went out for dinner at one of favorite restaurants - La Margarita.  I tried to be really good and I only had 4 chips with the salsa - I'm trying to stay away from chips, but when you have a margarita you gotta have chips, right???!!!

Saturday we started to work on my new workstation...I can't post those pictures until it's done...I'm so excited...this weekend I was busy filling nail holes and painting the walls.  I honestly love to paint walls {{any color but white}}

Sunday while we continue to work on the workstation, my daughter and I went to Lowe's and we got completely soaked - hahaha, it was so funny we laughed at ourselves.  We actually had to come back home to change clothes before heading to the grocery store...Sunday afternoon I frosted cupcakes while the kids took long naps and then built one of my new bookshelves...

have a great Monday everyone

Friday Letter - March 23, 2012

dear honey: thanks for your support in everything I do - it was a tough week and guess what I'm still alive and I made it through

dear blog readers and friday letter friends:  I've missed you...sorry I've been MIA for the last few weeks - I had a huge order from Very Jane and then right after another huge order from GroopDealz.  I've been up to my eye balls in packing tape and shipping labels. I'm go glad to be back

dear apple:  thank you for my new computer - I love it; the data transfer wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, althought you followed none of my directions on what to transfer, it's fine.  I'm not sure why you asked if you were going to do it the way you wanted.  I will find time to take all the old things off my new computer and add them to an external hard-drive

dear self:  I'm proud of you, not having fried foods is no longer a huge issue for me - I do miss chips.  I'm affaid if I have baked chips I will eat the entire bag...I'm good for now.

dear post office workers:  thank you for all your help, I'm not sure if I really like the new girl, I hope you train her to be as nice as all of you - because I love my post office

dear time off:  you are coming soon - it will be great to close my etsy shop for 4, yep 4....four whole weeks.  I plan to work on new items for all my fall craft shows - well that's the plan, we will see what happens

dear boss (at my real job):  thank you so much for a great bonus - this makes me and my family really happy

this is my friday letter

tisa's creations featured on GroopDealz!!

today is the last day to get your hands on our awesome bookmarks at 33% off
head on over to groop dealz, sale ends tonight at mid-night!

Friday Letter - March 2nd

dear friday:  Thank you for coming.  I truly missed you this week.  I can't wait to sleep in a bit tomorrow.

dear Lani:  Can't wait to hang out tomorrow.  It's going to be fun {{yay}}

dear Renagade:  Please accept my craft show application.  It's my first time applying, I'm a little nervous.

dear Honey:  I love you.  Sorry about the phone call on Thursday.  I really feel bad, but you can do it.  And I will do it too!

dear Orders:  At this very moment I'm unable to see the end of the tunnel. I'm sure I will start to see some light this weekend -- hopefully

dear self:  Great start on getting up earlier this week.  The kids noticed how it's makes us a happier person.  Let's try for a little earlier next week.

dear Fried Foods:  I do miss you but I must day I'm doing better without you.

this is my friday letter


Friday Letter

dear IRS:  finally, thank you.  just in time for shoe shopping with my daughter.

dear honey:  I love you.  I know I wasn't happy to know how much you spent on the concert tickets for the kids, but they will have a great time.  enjoy YOUR time with them.

dear lady at @ the ice machine in the break room.  YES it's broken, don't continue to push the button over and over hoping to get seriously doesn't work.

dear self:  let's try getting to bed on time and waking up just a little earlier during the week, have a cup of coffee, then wake the kids.  it really make us less grumpy at work and more organized for the kids.

dear gas prices:  really?  UGH

dear a stylish little lady - thank you for inviting me to join your My Style Wednesdays...can wait to post more creative items.

dear starbucks:  WELCOME BACK into my life.  my 40 days without you is OVER

dear lani:  can't wait to see you tomorrow - it will be fun

this is my Friday letter, have a great weekend


tisa's creations featured on Very Jane

Make a statement with these chalkboard tags.  Each package contains five tags measureing 4 inches round. These are handmade from heavy chip backing board and can be re-used over and over again.  Your tags will come with either a hole punched and twine (great gift tags) or a chip added to the back (perfect for organizing).  All packaged in a clear resealable envelope and are shipped in a padded mailing envelope.

These are featured for Very Jane for $1 each (in sets of 5).

Click here to place your order

Friday Letter - Feb 17, 2012

Dear Friday:  Glad you're here...

Dear Kayla (my daughter):  Thanks for taking this fun picture of us this week.  But you changed your facebook status to being in a relationship and I think you are seriously trying to kill me.  Oh, and thanks for reminding me about all my gray hair (all the time)  I think it's time to look into getting it colored...UGH...

Dear Honey:  Thanks for reminding me to communicate - it makes everything better.  Love you...

Dear Anthony (my son):  I'm so happy with the classes we picked for next year...

Dear Post Office Workers:  Thank you for being so friendly and taking all my packages with a smile.  I will never go to another post office.

Dear Very Jane:  Thanks for accepting my contract.  I can't wait to be featured on your website next month.

Dear Melanie:  Thanks for your order- I enjoyed working on this for you.  Hope your daughter has a great birthday.

Dear Starbucks:  I miss you.  But we have a date on Sat, Feb 25th becuase by then my 40 days of giving you up will be over.

Dear Whitney Houston:  I'm sorry...Rest in Pease.  I continue to hope the best for your daughter.

Dear Sleep:  Where are you.  I find myslef staying up so late, I can't seem to settle down at night.  Then I wake up the next day in a horrible mood.  Please find your way back to me.

This is my Friday Letter, smooches


Saw this on Pinterst, Pinned It & Made It - Donut Muffins

I love Pinterst and all the ideas I see on this site.  I want to share some of my favorite items I take on.  I decided that I MUST give credit back to the original artist, baker or crafter.  It's going to be fun...

Here we go...tonight we saw these donut muffins and I had everything in my pantry to make them - it was quick I threw them together before dinner.  This is the picture (and link) from Pinterest...

And here are mine:
I must say I they were just ok.  I think they need to be just a little sweeter.  In my opinion if you add a little more sugar and a little more cinnamon these would be lots better.

I cant' wait to get started on my next Pinterest Project.  Have a great night.


tisa's favorite things - valentine's day edition

I know tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I hope you have a fabulous time with your friends and loved ones.  I wanted to take a couple of minutes to share with you some of the items I've found to be really cute for Valentines Day this year...enjoy...

Stack-able rings from cinnamon sticks on etsy - L.O.V.E these...I asked for these for my wedding anniversary in June...I can't wait to order them...

I saw these in person at a craft show in Ft. Worth last fall and fell in love...these are from Designs by Taylor2U click here to head to her shop you should get one for everyone on your list...
And who would not love these...cute DIY printable bags for Valentine's Day.  From Twig & Thistle click here...head on over to her blog and check it out

And what about the little ones...Elle Dee Designs (click here for her shop) has the cutest little brother and sister sets. She creates these for all holidays...if you have a little one, then these are a must.

And then of course one of my cards had to make the list - well 8 of them...these can be purchased over at my etsy shop

Have a great day everyone!

friday letter

I found this on Lani's blog It's My Life Blog and loved the idea...

so here goes, my first friday letter:

dear honey - I love you!  thank you for allowing me to be needy.

dear rdchristophe (on etsy) - welcome to pintrest.  I thought it was so funny you reached out to ask to be invited - thanks for liking my I LOVE YOU MORE THAN PINTREST CARD.

dear people who speed through school zones - PLEASE STOP IT!

dear dog next door - I wish your owner would walk you and spend more time with you so you would not bark all day long.  you are really making my work from home days awful!

dear anthony (my son) - I'm so proud of you!

dear kayla (my daughter) don't grow up too fast, you make me nervous.

dear ellen degeneres - I love your show - thanks for helping people in need and for the laughter.

dear susan b koman foundation - thank you, because it's really all about cancer screenings, right?

dear starbucks - I miss you...

dear tisa's creations facebook fans - thanks for an awesome comment sale this week.

dear friday, thanks for coming so quickly this week.


40 days

My sister and I always give up something for lent. Although we are not Catholic, it always made us feel great to sacrifice one of our many luxuries in life from Ash Wednesday all the way until Easter.  About two years ago we decided to continue to sacrifice "something" for the rest of the year, we call it 40 DAYS.  We have been doing this off and on with no really commitment - BUT this year I've started and will continue to set a new goal every 40 days for the rest of the year!  YES the rest of the year.  DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!

I guess this has turned into something of a goal setting or a way to cut unhealthy habits.

Sooooo I'm so sad to say that I've given up going to STARBUCKS for 40 days...yes, I know I'm crazy!!!  The goal is to brew coffee at home everyday with my new fancy coffee maker and to save a little money.

Let me tell you it's so easy to run to Starbucks when I'm running late for work and it's really great to have someone remember your order when you walk in the door and not waste too much time in line.  Oh how I miss I started January 15th and everything was going pretty well until I saw the new Valentine's Day Cups  ***DARNNNN YOU STARBUCKS!!!!***

I want the new cup and I want to play with the new app on my iPhone. {{sad face insert here}} LOL!
I will keep you all posted on my progress - MUST. STAY. STRONG!!


thank you erin

I must say, I saw these planners about a month ago on another blog and this person was so excited about this planner - then I went to the website and decided not to order because of the price.  But then a friend at work brought in her planner and my eyes lit up.  I WAS SOLD.  So I placed my order and added a comment in the special my surprise I got an email from this company letting me know that they received my message and my order was complete just as I requested - WHAT?!?!?!!!!!!!  GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE BEFORE I EVEN GET THE PRODUCT.  L.O.V.E!

So I got it and I LOVE my new planner...I took pictures as I opened the box and wanted to share my excitement with you...I was working from home the day the box arrived and my FedEx guy didn't even ring my door bell.  You know when I think about it I don't think I've ever met my FedEx guy - but my UPS guy, yep I've meet him and I have to admit I get a little excited every time he comes...ok, ok, ok back on topic...

When the box arrives it looks like this:

eeeeekkkk...what a great package.  It looks like a present!  I didn't want to tear the box, for some reason I find my self wanting to keep it, I know weird...
So when you open the box you find this...

Enclosed is a business card (of course).  A welcome letter with a coupon that NEVER expires for you next purchase and cute envelope with a sticker with my name on super cute but all I could think is - what's in the envelope...another something cute to was like another present...

Here is the back side of the envelope close up:

To my surprise cute little labels!!!  Such a cute treat...

AND THEY ARE PERSONALIZED WITH MY NAME....whatttt????  I'm so in LOVE and I have not even seen my new planner...and of course it's wrapped and I get yet another present from erin condren and her sweet company.

I open it and ta-daaaaaaaaa, yeah, yay, whooohooooo, my planner just like I ordered!  On the inside more stickers you can add to birthday gifts or bags - yeah, because it's me to forget the card for the gifts we purchase...the stickers are in this cute pouch, YES that comes inside the planner - for pens, business cards, stamps, ect...

This last picture shows my planner close up.  It says ME!  And that is what I really love about it.  Thank you erin condren.  I will come back year after year...

Visit to check it out.  They have so many other things other than planners.  Notepads, invitations, stickers, address labels and so much more!


Yay...more Blogging for Me!!!

we want to get more useful information out to you.  some new things to expect from our blog includes:

 - gift guides
 - before & after photos
 - organizational ideas
 - weekly look at handmade cards
 - give a ways & more!!!

keep an eye out for great information.  we welcome all comments and ideas.  all submissions should be sent to