I've decided I'm donating a percentage of my sales (on selected products) to CANCER RESEARCH this craft show season!!! Yes, this is exciting!!! Take a look at this 'hope' card - part of the sales will go to research.

I'm not sure if most of you know that cancer research holds a special place in my heart - I will make the donation in my mother-in-law's name, we lost her over three years ago and she is truly, truly missed every day.

new holiday cards

I love, love, love the holidays.
I'm excited fall is finally here, it was a super hot summer here in Texas. Today the weather here was a little cooler and I was suddenly in the mood to make a couple new holiday cards - these will be available for purchase at my upcoming craft shows (while supplies last)'s a sneak peek...oh, but the way, I have some really great news - I can't share just yet, but look for some great news for tisa's creations in the next few days.

New items!!!

Want a cute and fashionable way to display your messages:
Magnet Boards!
These 8.25 X 11 magnet boards are new to Tisa's Creations. They are a great way to organize all of your messages and important notes in your office, kitchen, entryway, dorm or bedroom.
These boards will not be added to my shop, they are are only available at my upcoming fall craft shows. A list of upcoming craft shows are located to your right---------->>>>>>>>>>

Can I get a box with that...

So many of you have asked and I'm finally able to say.........
I'm now offering boxes WITH the chalkboard tags!
I only have a limited supply to last now through the holiday season. Pictured are a few we have to offer; we also have the following available:

Green with with white dots
Pink with white dots
White with black dots
Zebra Print
Red with white dots
Snowman Holiday

Be sure to pick some up at one of my upcoming craft shows!!!

a little twist on an oldie but goodie...

...each year I try to have a small container of chocolate nicely packaged for my customers to purchase for teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, baby sitters or office workers...this year I've come up with something just a little different...take a look. These small clear paint cans are the cutest things I've ever seen.

The container shown to the left includes 4 Hersheys snack size bars...

Everyone loves chocolate!!! Contact me for pricing. I'm currently taking pre-orders for the holidays.

Mom Notes

Yes, yes, yes…school has finally started, thank goodness!

Everyone is settling into all the new routines, schedules and oh yes back to carpooling. What a

better way to communicate with your child’s teacher, bus driver, tutor or coach than with mom notes. Mom notes are

customized just for you, you pick the size, ink color and name to print.

These now come in two sizes – both with envelopes. Details are below:

Business card size – 2 X 3.25

(folded) , set of 12


Flat Notes – 4.25 X 5.5m set of 12


Contact me at to place your order!!!