DIY Advent Calendar

Hi everyone, this is a post from last year that I'm absolutely still in love with.  DIY Advent Calendar.  Advent calendars are really simply the best.  It's a countdown to Christmas and kids get really excited.  I secretly get more excited than the kids. Growing up our kids received a simple treat each morning.  Think outside the box and insert bible verses or encouraging words, the ideas are endless.

DIY Holiday Treat Boxes

An oldie but goodie!  I created these last year, and I think I might create them again this year.  They are just so easy, and with everything going on this holiday season, time is limited.  These DIY Holiday Treat Boxes are a fun gift to give to coworkers, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.  Learn how to make these easy DIY holiday treat boxes which are sure to be a hit!

Easy DIY Holiday Treat Boxes

Happy Boo To You Banner

hi everyone!  I've had an amazing opportunity to work with a new paper company - Love + Lemon Craft Co.!  I'm so in love with these craft supplies 'inspired by the sunshine-colored lemons hanging from the California trees outside their windows'.  They offer everything from banners to stickers and even pins!

Halloween Drink Wraps

Is it too early to think about Halloween - Fall, where did you come from?  It's still in the 90's in Texas so it doesn't feel like fall, but don't tell Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I'm so excited to revisit this fun and easy project quick with you.  

Halloween Drink Wraps.  Great idea to add a little extra touch to any Halloween party.  

Saying goodbye....

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

Today I had to say goodbye.
Goodbye to something that made me feel safe.
Goodbye to a place I've known for the last 17 years.
A place I'm familiar with.
A place that has had super exciting days.
The days I've been excited about life.
A place that has seen me at my lowest.
The days I felt like I couldn't get out of bed.

I'm moving.
Moving to an amazing home.
A home I think I'm not good enough to have.
A home that will be my safe place for the next chapter of my life.
A home I'm going to continue to grow old in with my husband.
A home that has an amazing craft studio and office.

I'm afraid.
Of what?
Of everything.

I want to feel settled.
I'm not settled and that makes me uncomfortable.
I need to feel safe.
I need to feel settled.

I'm grateful to have an opportunity to move.
An opportunity to grow.
I'm going to try my best to love the new place just as we have loved this one.

I'm loved.
I'm grateful.
I'm scared.
I'm happy.
I'm sad.

Goodbye to the house on H street.

Teacher Stationery + Free Printable

Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a quick teacher stationery printable. But first, let me tell you a little story.

I have two kids - they are older.  I have a senior in high school and one in college.  I absolutely miss my kids attending elementary school.  I miss visiting and see all the little kids in line walking the hallways, I miss having lunch in the cafeteria.  I miss having only one teacher to communicate with.

Hello everyone! If you know me, you know I absolutely love back to school. I love how excited the kids get to meet new teachers, purchase new school supplies, new clothes and backpacks. My kids are older but when they were in elementary school sometimes I failed to understand how hard the teachers worked to get the classrooms perfectly organized so all the kids felt as the classroom was their second home. 

Modern Father's Day Gift Guide

You won't find ties in this Father's Day Gift Guide.  Not all father's or dad's wear ties.  My husband is a perfect example.  He is the best day EVER and wears jeans to work most times.  Now, I do love seeing him in ties, it's just not our normal.

So each year we listen to what he likes and I came up with the perfect gift guide for father's who may not wear ties.

My husband is casual, fun and the kids would rather hang out with him than me any day of the week.  He is supportive, fair, easy going, and patient.  He doesn't yell, but still, expects the best of our kids.

Administrative Assistants Day Gift Guide

It's Administrative Professional's Week.  If you work with an administrative assistant, executive assistant, virtual assistant or even with a receptionist, you know they are the heart of any organization.  They work hard most times with accomplishments going unnoticed.  I mean assistants no longer get coffee but really wear lots of hats. Most times they are party planners, conference organizers, facilities managers, tech support, nurses, or even sometimes 'office' moms.

We should celebrate these people every day because really the office (or your business) would not be the same without them.   I wanted to share with you a few ideas perfect for your assistant, friend, wife or sister.  Hope you enjoy.

Easter Gift Guide: Decor for a Perfect Spring Holiday

Today I wanted to share with you a great Easter Gift Guide Decor for a Perfect Spring Holiday.  I'm sharing decorating ideas and also gift ideas for anyone.  Easter is a special time, with so many memories with family and friends.  Church, lunch and the afternoon with extended family.  Always such a great time.

National Crafting Month with Just My Little Mess

It's National Crafting Month! In 1994 the Craft and Hobby Association created an entire month for us to celebrate the world of crafting.  Why not learn a new craft or rediscover a craft you once tried and have since given up.  Why not try practice hand lettering, knitting, scrapbooking or even painting.

5 minute DIY - St. Patrick's Day Gift

Everyone has time to create this project.  This St. Patrick's Day Gift is a clever way to celebrate.  I promise it will only take you 5 minutes to create.  I found these mini coffee cups and I knew I must have them.  For what?  At the time I wasn't sure, but they make the perfect little gift containers for any holiday or celebration.  I made this really quick gift for one of my daughter's teachers.

Printable Love Notes for Valentine's Day

Today we are sharing twenty of the sweetest valentine note printables.  These are the cutest ever.  Just in time for next week.  I hope you are able to find something for the special someone in your life.  Or maybe print for your child's entire class.
Yikes!  Valentine's Day is next week!  Are you ready? Yeah, I'm not either.

DIY Valentines Treat Box

I find myself busy these days.  But I still do love to give handmade gifts.  So I created a simple project - DIY Valentines Treat Box.  Making just one or twenty is easy!  
I did shop Etsy to find a huge variety of digital papers.  I printed them on my HP Printer.  I love this printer because most of the items I create are printed directly to the edge of the paper with ease.  

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Heart Pencils

I wanted to share a really quick non-candy Valentine's Day gift. These could be passed out at school or in the office. These make a perfect none candy gift. DIY Valentine's Day Pencils - these are so super easy...let's get started.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that is meant to make you're significant other feel special. When you think about how great she is for all she does for you, you know you must get her the perfect gift. This year, make her Valentine’s Day special with one of these Valentine’s Gifts!
This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.
Long Stemmed Roses  Highest quality flowers, fresh from the farm shipped from farm your loved one!  She is going to love these.  

Big Spoon Little Spoon Couples Pillowcases  Couples pillowcases with "Little Spoon" on one and "Big Spoon" on the other. You can now clearly identify who will be big spoon and who will be little spoon. Fits Queen/Standard size pillow inserts.

The art of Appreciation Gift Basket  Nothing says I love you quite like chocolate. The Art of Appreciation gift basket is fit for a queen featuring indulgent Art d’ Moi Chocolate Truffle Spa products, a heart sampler gift box with four chocolate confections, gourmet cookies, and cuddles the bear.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace  It may be too early for a ring, but it is never too early for jewelry. All women enjoy some accessories. Made with sterling silver  this necklace makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Bath Bomb Gift Set If you haven’t gotten your pretty lady a bath bomb set, she is going to be in heaven with this. Give your women a treat for all her senses. These homemade bath fizzers contain 4 bath bombs including Rose and Gardenia scents, soap and bath salts.

Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies Who said the easiest way to a woman’s heart isn’t through her stomach? These delectable treats are sure to make any woman happy to have you. Nothing says love quite like chocolate and then more chocolate.

Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Journal  Women really want to know why you love them so much. In fact, it may be a topic of discussion from time to time. This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines that let you tell your loved one what you love about some aspect of them (Don’t forget to fill in the blanks).

Personalized Gold Bar Necklace Personalize this necklace with a reflection of your love, your name, or a favorite saying. Of course, a simple “I love you” is a great way to personalize this gift.

Godiva Chocolatier Valentines Chocolate  Tied with red ribbon, our iconic gold box is a joyous gift for any loved one.  Inside includes milk, dark and white GODIVA chocolates.  Yummmmm!

Love Potion Tumbler What girl doesn't love sipping water from a super cute cup?  Be careful, this cup is instant crush inducing!   

Ladies what gifts are looking for? Share your gift suggestions in the comments below to help these guys out this year!