Felt Letter Board DIY

I love this board and I can't wait to use it all the time.  I created this Felt Letter Board, and guess what - it's a DIY Project.  Now, I didn't some up with this idea by myself, I got a little help from an amazing blogger - Jennifer Priest.  
When I saw Jennifer's Rainbow DIY Felt Letter Board, I fell in love and knew I needed to make one for myself.  Jennifer is lifestyle/mom blogger over at Just JP, you should check her out.  Love her work.

Please check out Jennifer's post for the tutorial - you can find it here.  Let me tell you about some of the supplies I used and where you can find them.  The rest of the supply list can be found on Jennifer's blog.
My finished board is small - 9X9 inches.  I used a Shadow Box Frame, I picked it up at Michael's. I knew I wanted it to sit on my small desk and I just couldn't make room for a larger frame.  Another thing I did, I painted my letters, they come white, but I knew I wanted the frame and background white...so teal it is.  How can anyone go wrong with teal, AND it matches my gum ball machine perfectly.  
And for the fabric, Jennifer's tutorial is spot on...I went to Wal-mart and purchased the felt by the yard for only $3.97.  For my small frame, I only purchased a yard, and I had yardage left over.  
I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.  Leave a comment giving me quote ideas.  I plan on updating quotes weekly.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

Oh my gosh, this came out totally amazing!!! LOVE IT!!!!!