Get Your Instagram Best Nine

I got my 2016 Instagram Best Nine!!  I must admit, I was a little nervous waiting too see which pictures would show up on the site. 

I love instagram.  And I love seeing what my followers like seeing from me.  I've worked hard on my account this year...I love the colors, I love sharing and love communicating with my follows.  It's so easy to get your own instagram best nine.

Here's mine...  
This is so simple, and most people don't know how to do it.  Just go to  insert your Instagram ID and that's it.  Easy, easy.

Best nine is based on the number of likes on your photos.
It can take up to 10 minutes to complete your request due to huge demand.

DIY Santa Mug + Handmade Holidays 2016

Santa deserves a great snack, while zooming around the world in one night making kids happy.  I think he would love the mug we created from him.

I have teamed up with a group of bloggers and amazing sponsors to bring you an amazing give away.
But first a little about the project.  I'm getting so super excited about the holidays.  I must admit, the last few years I'd get so busy and put the tree up really late and really didn't leave time to enjoy the decorations or enjoy the joy of the season long enough before putting everything away.  Not this year. I've started to purchase new items, and they may or may not be already on display.  Thanks to a few of my favorite shopping spots this year we will have a great holiday decor and we can't forget about santa.
This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.

Today I want to share a great project with you.  I decide to create Santa a custom mug and also created a little thank you for Santa.  This is was so super easy to make and it will be a perfect addition to our holiday decor.  You only need a few supplies, so let's get started:

Clear Mug
Rubbing Alcohol
Painters tape or washi tape
Decor Art Chalk Glass Paint
Scrapbook Adhesive Dots
Cricut Cutting Machine
Cricut Vinyl
Paint Brush and Foam Brush

1.  Clean the outside of your glass mug with rubbing alcohol
2.  Using the patterning of your choice, take off the mug using painter's take or washi tape
3.  Paint background
4.  Let dry overnight
5.  Cut your personalized name or saying with your cutting machine onto vinyl
6.  Peel the vinyl from backing and add to coffee mug
7.  Paint your personalized message and them remove vinyl
8.  Let dry
9.  Bake as instructed in the DecorArt label
10.  Display with a special note for Santa

PLEASE NOTE:  Paint is not intended to come into direct contact with food.  Mug should be hand-washed as instructed from DecorArt.

Now time for the giveaway.  It includes 11 prizes of $50+ value each.  We will select 11 winners. Each will receive one prize.  Winner will be randomly drawn from all contest entries on November 14, 2016.  Enter here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please join me and visit all the other bloggers that are participating  in the Handmade Holidays Blog Hop.

I would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors.  Without them we would not have such a successful Blog Hop.  And a special thank you to DecoArt and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L for providing me with the supplies I needed to complete my project.

Halloween Popcorn Box + Giveaway

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to team up with Laura Kelly and many other bloggers to bring you a Popcorn Box Party.  Laura worked with several sponsors and we were mailed amazing treats along with a popcorn box we were asked to decorate.  And included in this is an amazing giveway...more about that later.

I had a bag of eyeball and wanted to cover the entire box with them...but decided to just add stripes of eyeballs.  Turned out super cute!!!!
This was super easy to make, you only need a few things
 - popcorn box
 - adhesive
 - goggle eyes
 - scissors
 - cardstock

I used striped card stock, traced the outline of the box and simply cut.  I adhered the card stock to the box and then glued the eyeballs.

Now about the giveaway, we have amazing sponsors are listed below and the prizes you can win b entering the Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck.

 - $50 World Market Gift Card
 - Sizzix Big Shot Machine (or Ellison Superstar) and Laura Kelly Dies - Value $100
 - Adorn It Planner Kit (Planner, Laura Kelly Papers and Stickers) - Value $65
 - Udderly Smooth Prize Pack with Hat and Mug - Value $75
 - DIY with Laura Kelly Crafty Stash (Kunin Felt, Expressionery Stamp, Expo International Pom          Pom Trims and Tombow Products) - Value $100

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free Printable Halloween Journal

I wanted to share a super quick project with you all today.  Mini Halloween Journals.  Perfect for your pocket or purse.  These are perfect for teacher's gifts, because we all know I love teachers. Print them all and package them with a simple ribbon for a easy gift.  

  • Free Notebook Cover Printable
  • 8 ½ X 11 Cardstock
  • 5 sheets 8 ½ X 11 printer paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  1. Print notebook covers, you can find the printables here
  2. Trim covers using your paper cutter.
  3. Trim your printer paper to 5 X 6 7/8 inches, you can get 2 stacks from the 8 ½ x 11 sheets. You will end up with 10 sheets for your journal
  1. Place the cover on top of the stacked and cut printer paper sheet, then fold on dotted line.
  2. Staple on the dotted line.
  3. Trim paper with your scissors if needed.

DIY Time Zone Clocks with Walnut Hollow

I had such a great time creating these Time Zone Clocks and yes of course, they are DIY.  It was pretty amazing to work with Walnut Hollow.  I grabbed wood, clock and paint supplies and got started.  
Have you seen this post over at the Walnut Hollow site.  I had a great time coming up with this project.  It was a little out of the box for me and to be honest, pushed my creatively.  In the end I love these clocks and currently have them displayed above my desk.   Until this project, I had never used a Burner Tool.  But I think sometimes going outside your comfort zone - it's the only way we can grow.
I wanted to just take a moment to talk about the Walnut Hollow wood product.  When the circle panels arrived I could not get over the amazing quality of the wood. They were so super smooth and I didn't expect them to be as thick as they were.  The wooden panels worked amazing with the burner tool. Yes, I must admit, I rubbed the panels over and over.  I'm such a nerd for amazing craft supplies. I also used a few other supplies for this project.  You can find the tutorial here.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Walnut Hollow Instagram for more inspiration and ideas!

Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are mine.
We all want to save money, right?.   Can you think of a better way to save money and use coupons to save even more?   I could not think of anything.  Until this, introducing Groupon Coupons, where you can browse through thousands of coupons for all your preferred brands, and select coupons from your most favorite stores on the Groupon website.  Always check Goupon Coupons first for your best savings.  I was able to find thousands of promo codes as well as printable coupons. 
We all know I'm crafter (well,  a want-to-be crafter) and I even found several coupons and with stores I use daily.  I must say I was really surprised, my go to craft suppliers listed on the site.  I’m in love.  Groupon Coupon combines three of my favorite things. Crafting, online shopping and saving money all on one site – yay!

The search tool is really easy to use,  I simply typed 'craft' in the search box and found several brands including:
Paper Source
Hobby Lobby
Mister Art
Leisure Arts
NY Fashion Center Fabrics
Paper Culture
Craft of Quilting 
And much, much more!

In addition to crafting, Goupon Coupon has several other national brands, including Target, Forever 21, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus,  Sak’s Fifth Avenue and more.  There is so much to check out.  I hope you take time to head over and check it out.  Start saving even money wit Groupon Coupon.  Also, follow Groupon Coupon on Facebook and Twitter.

Early Holiday Shopping with Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.
Holiday shopping has always been stressful for me, but it doesn't need to be.  Start your holiday shopping early with Groupon Goods.
A little about Groupon, their mission, is "To connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery."  Their values:
Start with the Customer
Great People Make Great Companies
Intolerant of Mediocrity
Build for the Long Term
Making Life Less Boring

Groupon Goods is an online platform where people can purchase everyday items, while saving money and time.  We are all looking for ways to save time and money.  Categories include Items for the Home, Jewelry, Health and Beauty, Electronics, Fashion, Items for Kids and Babies, and even Grocery Items, Household Items and more.  And Groupon Goods offers free shipping with purchases over $34.99 and returns are always FREE.  

I plan to pick up a few electronics for the kids and also NFL gear for the hubby for this upcoming holiday. Of course, I can't forget about myself, the fashion category is pretty amazing.  I'm going to check back each week find more deals.  Better yet, download the mobile app so you can shop on the go.  

Be sure to check out Groupon Goods on Facebook and Twitter. 

Have you started your holiday shopping?  Leave us a comment sharing some fun items on your list.  

Script Cuff Bracelets with Cents of Style with Coupon Code

I love working with Cents of Style.  Their purpose is to empower women to lead bold and full lives. Their Values:  Hustle, Clarity, Radiate, Own It, Tribe, and Create.  They believe when you look good, you feel good and then you can, in turn, pass the good to those around you.  Cents of Style brings you the latest affordable accessories, shoes and clothing.

Today we look at Biana's mission and what it stands for and we bring you and amazing deal.   Cuff Tribe Bracelets for only 11.95 + free shipping (code listed below)
This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.

Briana is the founder of the podcast and movement The LifeBeats Project. Briana's mission is inspiring. Her movement brings connection, inspiration, and the illumination of the extraordinary that already exists within you. She is determined to take her message of people’s extraordinariness to the world to help others to see how truly amazing they already are and that by sharing their story they can help connect the world one story at a time. Her story about our Script Tribe bracelet fits right in with that mission:

Friends, can I just tell you that you are amazing?!! Yes, you reading this right now, yes you on your phone in bed catching one more second before the morning crazy, yes you in the school pick up lane, yes you wondering if today is going to be the day that you finally do that thing, yes you, wherever you are, whomever you are!
You have a story to share. Wherever you are on your journey your story is worthy of inspiring others right now! Whatever you have gone through, whatever you are going through, those things make you perfect to share your story. 

I have learned that there is a power in the telling of stories.

Each of us are going through things and when you open up and ‘Tell your Story’ something magical happens. The power of vulnerability takes over and your brave creates connection to the person hearing you. You light a spark in them. Those LifeBeats that are within you and your story resonate with the LifeBeats within them and theirs. Our LifeBeats are those core things within each of us that ring true when we hear someone else’s story which help us to know that we are not alone and can do hard things too. On the surface our stories may seem so different, but those LifeBeats connect you and me. The desire to be loved, the desire to be understood, the desire to do good, the desire to reach our potential. Those are LifeBeats and connect you to me and me to you. And connection is what we crave, its what brings joy and meaning into our lives! This connection helps us to remember that we are not alone and the gifts we each possess are made to be shared with others. You can make a difference, today, now, so ‘Tell Your Story’. 

Use code is TELLIT and it will make each bracelet $11.95 in the cart + FREE Shipping
This code is valid 9/14/16 - 9/21/16.

Classroom Organization: Clothespins

Hello everyone!  I love back to school just as much as I love color and organization.  So what do you think happens when I put all three in a bowl and mixed it up a little.  Back to School Clothespins!
I love these and they were pretty easy to make.  

This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.
I grabbed my Cricut Explore Air™ and a few other supplies and got started. 
You can find the full tutorial here.
I packaged these in a cute tin and they are ready to store or to give as a gift.
Thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment letting me know your favorite organizing tip.  Have a great day

Organize with Clipboards

I'm always looking for better ways to stay organized. And sometimes I need reminders right in front of my face. I'm using clear clipboards today to show you a quick way to stay organized. Remember, a couple of months ago I decided to start using Cricut Explore Air™, you can find more about the Cricut here.

This project is super easy, it will take about 30-45 minutes + drying time. Here are the supplies you'll need to get started.

This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.

- Cricut Explore Air™

- Cricut Design Space

- Cricut Vinyl

- Cricut Transfer Tape

- Arcylic Paints

- Painters Tape

- Clear Clipboards

Step One: Tape off your desired width on the back of the clipboards.

Step Two: Paint the backside of the clipboards in your desired colors.

Step Three: Log into Cricut Designer Space and create words or labels, I used Monday through Friday.

Step Four: Cut your vinyl using your Cricut Explore Air™ and use Cricut Transfer Tape to transfer the vinyl, set aside.

Step Five: Paint clipboards a second coat. Let dry.

Step Six: Remove painters tape.

Step Seven: Add your vinyl labels to the front of the clipboards and hang.

Hope you enjoyed this, leave a comment letting us know how you plan to use your clipboards.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

DIY Spiral Notebook

Today I pulled out my laminator, binding machine, paper and a few other supplies and created this DIY spiral notebook and I wanted to share with you how you can make one yourself.  It's not as hard as you might think and if you don't have the laminator or binding machine, you could easily have your local office supply store laminate and bind it for you.
Let's get started, you only need a few supplies, I gathered these items:
 - 40 sheets printer paper for the inside of your notebook
 - front cover and back cover, print any image
 - Laminating pouches, I used 6x9 inches
 - Laminator
 - Clear binding coil
 - Binding machine
 - Coil Cutting and Crimping Tool

You can create your notebook any size - larger or even smaller than mine.  I'm sharing with you the measurements I used.
Notebook is 6X9 inches when completed
 - Laminating pouches - 6x9 inches
 - Covers - 5.75x8.75 inches
 - Inside sheets - 5.5x8.5 inches

Turn on the laminator to pre-heat.  Set temperature based on your manufacture's  instructions.  Print out covers, cut and then insert the front and back covers into the laminating pouches.  Using the binding machine punch holes into the front and back covers.  Count out 40 sheets of printer paper, cut them to size and punch those.  There are 80 total pages inside the notebook.

 Line everything up, add the coil and then crimp the ends of the coil.

Hand Painted Note Cards

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been searching for great first day of school teacher gifts. And decided to make a few using what else...SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  I absolutely love when the isles start to fill up with all the school supplies.  I love to see what's new, and always loving the classics.  My favorite classic...64 count Crayola Crayons, you know the one with the sharpener in the back...yes!
Today I used INDEX CARDS.  Yes! Regular 3x5 inch blank index cards to create this great project. You only need a few more supplies to get started - let's go!

3 - pkgs 100 count blank index cards
Berry Basket
Scrabble Tiles (optional)
Acrylic Paint - I used Decoart's Americana Sea Breeze
Foam Brush
Binder clips

1.  Stack index cards.
2.  Clamp two sides using binder clips
3.  Paint ONE coat on 2 sides - let dry
4.  Re-position the binder clips and paint ONE coat on the other two sides, let dry
5.  Pull apart the index cards, you can try flipping through them, like a book and they will come apart easier.  If you added a little too much paint, you will need to pull them apart one by one.
6.  Stack the cards together and tie with ribbon.
7.  Place the notecards in the berry basket.
8.  (optional) I added scrabble tiles just to add something to the front, you could also simply add a tag.
And you have the cutest little teacher's gift, teachers could use this to write hall passes or even notes home.  And I could see this in more amazing colors - pink, red, blue, purple...all the colors!  Thank you so much for stopping by.

DIY Balloon Filled Gifts

I'm so excited to share this project with you.  Celebrate birthdays and special celebrations with balloons filled with small gifts, money and confetti! Let's cue the confetti and cue the fun! Grab yourself a few balloons and get to blowin' and create a super fun and fast gift.  DIY style - of course!
Why not make the birthday boy or girl work a little for the fun gifts and what a creative way to give money!  I grabbed a few supplies and got started.  I’m so excited, here is what you'll need..
This post contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links provided will result in a small amount of revenue when a purchase is made via that link.
– A clear container, we used a glass jar
– confetti (you can find our handmade confetti tutorial here)
Clear Balloons
– Ribbon
– Small toys and money to fit inside the balloons
This is pretty simple.  All I did - take confetti, insert it into the balloons and then blow up the balloons. Our balloons are small so we did need to roll the confetti to fit inside.  Same with the toys.  Please note: choose toys without sharp edges.  The whistle in the picture would tear the balloon each time we tried to get it inside a balloon.  You will need to stretch the balloon over most toys.  Money is much more simple, just fold in half and then just roll to insert.
 I tied a bright pretty ribbon, added a card and that's about all.  I think anyone would have a great time popping each balloon and find sweet surprises inside.