Friday Letter - March 27, 2015

dear self:  it's been a great week.  little surprises always make my day.  still working on me and trying to delete all negative things out of my life, surrounding myself positive people and positive things that will help me grow.  trying new things is the new me.  

dear calligraphy class:  you are going to be awesome!  Can't wait until tonight.

dear honey:  thank you for being my number one supporter.

dear running:  ok, slow getting back started but we will get there.  I think we might need a personal trainer to help get stronger.  

dear SNAP conference:  whooohooo!  less than a month and I will be back in Utah.  Can't wait.

dear to-do list:  why are you so long and why will you not leave me alone?  ugh #sotired #notenoughtimeintheday

dear taxes:  I know, I know I need to get started.  I will - this weekend.

Have a great weekend,

DIY Gold Canvas

thanks readers for loving the gold canvas above my desk.  yes, I made them.  this is actually a super easy project.

4 X 4 inch canvas
spray paint

I gave each canvas two coats of paint, let dry and then hung them on the wall.  see, I told you it was super easy.

Coffee Cup LOVE | Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

I'm pretty much obsessed with coffee cups {and coffee}.  We are now out of room in the cabinet, so now when I get a new cup I must get rid of an old cup - it's painful - but the cuteness doesn't stop.

I wanted to share with you a few of my new favorite coffee items.

I can't resist this awesome cup from

Friday Letter: March 21st

yes, I'm posting this on Saturday.
We had an amazing week and traveled home yesterday

Spring Break + Vacation = Awesome Week

dear self:  yes, yearly vacation is so needed for the entire family, we all had a great time

dear san fran:  man, it was so nice meeting you.  Thanks for playing with us this week, I hope to see you again sometime soon

dear family:  it was exciting to see everyone excited about the trip

dear feet:  I'm so sorry we talked so much while there.  let's make up this weekend - I promise to take it easy on you

dear vacation: ugh, almost over.  why do you go by so fast.  let's get together again soon - ok?

have a great weekend everyone!

I organized my bag!

I know, I know.
I'm not that person who holds up the line in the store to carefully organize my recipe in my purse before I leave the store - I'm the person who just throws it in my bag and I'm on to the next thing on my to do list.

and really I can take my bad being disorganized - but this is CRAZY.  I mean really crazy.
there comes a time when I can't even take it…I dumped my purse onto my desk and just started.

I wanted to share a before and after.  oh my, paper, paper every where.

and there you go.  do you feel better? I feel better.  

Friday Letter: March 6, 2015

dear self:  this week was so laid back, loved it
dear running:  we really do need to meet again
dear stationery academy:  I'm so excited, I finally, finally signed up.  what does this mean for tisa's creations?  maybe a new name?  growth?  awesomeness!  yes!
dear spring break:  yes!  can't wait

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