DIY gold striped pencils

This is a super quick, super easy project…you only need three items. 

 - stray paint (I happen to love Rust-Oleum)
 - painters tape
 - pencils

1.  tape your pencils.  I taped mine in an easy striped pattern.  to make it easier I used a scrap piece of tape in between each stripe to make sure they were all even.  don't forget to cover the eraser.

2.  place the pencils up right - I used a box laying around.

3.  spray.  let dry a few minutes and turn the pencils and spray the other side.

4.  remove the tape as soon as the paint is touchable.  

we also made a mason jar to match - it was simple, tape off what you don't want to paint and just spray, let dry and simply remove tape.  

thank you so much for stopping by.  hope to see you back next week for another amazing, simple project.  

disclaimer:  this is not a sponsored post.  i did not receive any free products for this project.  these options are all mine.  feel free to contact me at tisascreations@gmail with any questions or concerns.  

Friday Letter | May 23rd

dear self:  another rough week - better than last week,  but still lots of stress.

dear running:  welcome back into my life...I need you so much right now.

dear 4:30AM:  I really hate our dates and I want to break up with you and I never want to see you again.  you keep me up for 90 minutes and right when I'm finally falling back to sleep, the alarm goes off...ugh!  we. are. done!

dear graduation 2014:  I can't believe you are almost here.  my son is on cloud 9, but I'm having a hard time with this.

dear oprah chai tea:  I'm so in love with you right now.  hot, cold or as a frap!  I love you all ways.

Photo:  Starbucks

Lavender Lemon Sorbet

2  cups water cups water
1/2 cup of water (for simple syrup) 
1 1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp dried lavender flowers
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice - I used 7 small lemons

1. In a saucepan mix 1/2 a cup of water with the sugar.  Heat on medium heat until the sugar has dissolved, stirring frequently.  Remove from heat and add the dried lavender flowers - let steep for 15-20 minutes.  Then refrigerate mixture till completely cooled.

2.  Strain sugar, lavender, lemon syrup mixture in a medium bowl to remove most of the lavender (this is be thick).  Mix in the 2 cups water and lemon juice until well combined.  

3.  Pour mixture into your ice-cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Store the mixture in a freezer safe container.  Freeze for at least 2 hours before serving.  


SNAP Thrift Store Tour Recap!

what a great way to start off a fabulous blog conference.  I believe it was meant for me to go on this field trip.  the tour filled up while I was at work the first day registration opened - I waited and waited and waited to see if someone would drop so I could slide in and take a spot...yeah, no luck.  so, the first night while in Salt Lake City, my roommates and I are getting settled in and I just happen to look at the SNAP facebook page...someone can't make the tour!!!  WHAT!?!?!  I got a spot.  I can't believe it!  So exciting and the next morning it was confirmed an hour before we were to leave!

the hashtag for the tour was #thriftstorepartybus ?  party bus!?!  Yep a bus.  how exciting!!!

it was so fun to sit back and take in all the views salt lake city had to offer.  the first place went was called eruo treasures.  if you are in salt lake city, you must stop here.  the owners were so super sweet and great to work with.

the awesome brooke with all things thrifty led the tour - she blogs here 

we had time to take a quick picture before heading in and when we did go in...OMGosh the chairs...all. the. way. to. the. ceiling!  AMAZING!!!  there was dust and dirt everywhere!  it was sooooo super great and then...I found my baby.  a letterpress tray...old, dusty, amazing, I had to have it.  well,  I really wanted all 8 but I wasn't sure how I could get them all on the plane back home.  I can't wait to create something amazing with it!

then we went to the cutest little re-sale shop.  and I found this R for my favorite sister - my only sister! my twin sister collects R's - so, when ever I see one, I purchase it.  I think she will like it.

I have a SNAP conference post coming next week, hope you enjoyed and will come back.  thanks for stopping by
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Friday Letter - May 16th

I cried a lot this week

I cried for the sweet little red headed child who has gone to heaven way too early - you can see more about his story here

I cried because I see my children grow into little adults and I know it's time to let go a little more

I cried because we went to get my son fitted for his prom tux

I cried because my daughter attended her 8th grade formal and she wore the cutest heals

I cried because I still can't run due to my small injury

I cried because my 'real job' stresses me out

I cried because most days there isn't enough time in a day

I cried for all of the things I should be thankful for.  The health of my family and the love I receive from them all

I cried because I wish I would hear from people I love just to hello instead of only calling when they need something

I cried because I'm stressed out

I cried because after all of that...I remembered to breathe.  And I know with all of my heart everything will be fine.  I breathe and I know next week will be better.  I breathe and remember that breathing let's my body know everything is fine.  Just breathe
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Friday Letter - May 9th

this week was a really tough week for me, I needed to pull my self to the side and give myself a hard talk

dear self:  finally friday is here, and you will be able to go to sleep at a decent time tonight.  but we need to make some life changes. yes, you have been doing well - running and your attitude is so positive now, but you need to start saying NO more.  keep your 'real' support team and family close to you and everything will be fine.

saying NO will keep you balanced.  take care of you and then you will continue to grow.  don't answer the phone for people who usually call only when they need something…let it roll to voicemail and this will give you time to make the decision you want to make with no pressure.

keep breathing, be happy, do what you love.  love your husband 100%, give your kids 100% and most important only do things that make you happy.

dear running:  I'm back in 2 weeks.  This week I feel amazing  and I wanted to just take off this week and run.  I'm proud I didn't because the last thing I want is to injured myself again.

dear risa:  I'm so glad you are better!  I was so worried about you

dear nori:  thank you so much for last night I had an amazing time with you and your family

dear alt for everyone:  yes!  I can't not believe I won a ticket!  I've only taken one class but I have several scheduled today and tomorrow…I'm so excited…by the way the information is amazing

dear chuy's   ok, I'm so sorry, you were once my favorite restaurant but today I woke up all yucky and swollen this morning…I can't let this happen anymore.  I think it's time to break up with your chips and creamy jalapeƱo.  Man this will be a hard one.  I did have a margarita last night and it was too much.  No more of those either.

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Summer Favorite Things Hop


My first thoughts were:
I'm nervous
Did I get everything laid out?
I'm excited
Not sure I want to do this
Not sure what to do
Should I pee?
Oh yeah, I should take a picture's time to start
I think I'm more than half crazy

OMGosh!  They just started the race and it's time to gooooooooo!  Ok, I'm running In. A. Race!  Ok you're going to fast, slow down…

Mile ONE:  I'm good!  I don't think I started to fast.  I feel good.

Mile TWO:  ok, I might be going a little too fat, ok, let's slow down a bit.

Mile THREE:  ok, only 10.1 miles to go, CRAP - 10.1 more miles?!?!!!!!

Mile FOUR:  A hill - ok, it's not too bad, I've trained for this!

Mile FIVE:  We are still going up...ugh.  After mile FIVE we should be ok, right?

Mile SIX and SEVEN: A blur

Mile EIGHT:  I didn't see the mile marker because I think it was invisible - I did hit it…yeah it was my WALL, the one everyone talks about.  You know the one that knocks you on your a$$?  Yeah, you know the one you think you might be prepared for.  OH NO!!!! NO!  NO!  NO!  I just wanted to take my shoes off and sit down in the street, call my husband to pick me up.  I almost cried.

Miles NINE and TEN:  I'm going so, so slow.  Where is my breath, I can't find it.  I think it was stolen from me by all the people passing me.

Mile ELEVEN:  I'm better - OK.  I'm better. I started talking to my legs...are you starting to cramp, please don't do that.  Then there is a slight hill, just keep moving...I think I might be able to go just a little faster.  Crap, breath, where are you?  I thought you were with me.

Mile TWELVE:  Yay!  Mile 12, where have you been?  Oh, waiting for me?  Sorry it took me so long.

Mile THIRTEEN:  Lucky, lucky 13!  oh wait, I see my family, they look awesome, I want to cry but I want them to see me strong, but I'm too tired to look strong.  It's so awesome to see them.

13.1! People are cheering - wait they are cheering for me, but I don't know any of them.  I don't know you, why are you cheering for me, oh, you want to give me a high five?  And you, and you, and you?  WOW!  I'm smiling, I'm happy, I feel stronger - I'm throwing out high fives left and right!  WOW!

Angela - my running partner just told me to give it all I had when I go through the finish line...I thought - "wait I have nothing more to give."  Then I thought, "well I've come this far is there anything left in my fuel tank?" And there it was just a little bit more energy to finish strong (well what I thought was strong).

I FINISHED!  Oh my I just stepped over the finish line...the energy from the crowd is amazing!  And as far as my engery level...completely gone.  And oh, there is my family again and I see my best friend with her husband.  I hug her and I can't let go and I smell horrible - but I can't let go.  I hold her hand, we walk hand and hand to pick up my stuff.  She doesn't let go.  I don't either.  I finally take my shoes off...feels so good.  And oh, I have a metal.  It's pretty nice.  It's heavy and it shimmers.  Do this again - NO! I hurt too bad.

My daughter is the sweetest thing ever , she had the cutest poster with a gift box attached.
I'm so loved by this family of mine, this is what my family purchased for me.  And on the back it says "We knew you could do it!  We love you"  My first thought was, I didn't even think I could do it.  You can find these Inspired Endurance

And then I ate onion rings went home and went to bed

So since the race I've talked to my coach and we are looking for another half marathon to run.  I know, I said NO on race day.  So with all that said, I've found out that I do love to run - I'm not sure how I feel about running races - I think I might have a love hate relationship for them for a while.  But I will be sure to post about my training and my next race.

Thanks for taking this ride with me.

Friday Letter - May 2nd

dear self:  tough week - yeah, just stay positive and breathe.  Just remember to be your awesome self and everything will be fine.
dear new person in my life:  Really it's not my business how you feel about me.
dear A:  I can't believe your cap and gown is here.  This is really are going to graduate in 3 weeks.
dear K:  great dance performance!  you looked amazing as always.
dear tisa's creations:  you make me tired
dear SNAP conference - I miss you so much!
dear Watermelon Oreos:  I wasn't sure...but you're not so bad

Have a great Friday everyone!