Friday Letter - March 29th

dear honey:  so proud of you.  Thanks for all you do!  I love being happy!

dear kids:  when I get a bonus, you get a bonus in your allowance.  Yes, I still take hugs and kisses for thank yous.  You both did a great job while I was gone last week.  And  the past few months have been a HUGE adjustment for the entire family.  You both handled it like champs.  I love you!

dear risa:  yep...just go for it!  The 1st steps are the hardest.  Can't wait to see you later today!  Homeslice for dinner is on the agenda!

dear lani:  I will never forget being at the airport with our bags open unpacking them trying to get under 50lbs.  I hope no one was offended seeing my bras!  #funtimes #cantwaitforthenextone

dear craftcation:  you were great!  thank you for the semi-vacation.  I learned lots and loved Ventura!

dear united airlines:  thanks for getting me home safely, but the flight from Santa Barbara to Denver really did suck! #callingcustomerservice

dear adult beverages:  welcome back into my life.  I can say, I've come to no longer loving you.  I'm just crushin' on you a bit!

dear new schedule:  you kinda still suck right now.  But I have my ways of making you work better for me.  You just wait and see.

dear new job/boss:  hummmmmmm, not so bad.  I guess working hard working your butt off pays in the long run!

Have a great weekend everyone!


 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

time to say good-bye to Ventura and Craftcation

I'm a little sad today because it's the last day of Craftcation here in Ventura.  

Nichole and Delilah put on this spectacular event.  Craftcation was a three day indie business & DIY workshop conference.  It was a retreat to inspire, network and build upon the independent craft business community.  The objective was to ignite the entrepreneurial business spirit, strengthen skills and abilities of both seasoned business owners and newcomers to indie craft businesses.  It's was opportunity to network, communicate and share with three words...IT WAS AMAZING!
{reference:  Craftcation Site}

I've enjoyed the location...the beach has been breathtaking.  This was my view each morning.  The meeting was held mainly at the Crown Plaza Ventura - however we had lunch at City Hall, and the first  night hosted dinner was held at the Ventura fairgrounds.  The city of Ventura welcomed us with open arms!

I tried to walk along the beach each morning.  The fresh air was great.  But the time difference  - well that is another story...we were up each day at 4AM, so there was plenty of time to enjoy the mornings.

There was also time for lots of networking, each night something fun was planned.  From a hosted BBQ dinner to wine tasting to build your own non-alcholic spritzer bar.  And DIY crafts were everywhere.

I actually took the trolley tour of Ventura and also the food tour - touring several small businesses in the community.  It was amazing!  Touring, meeting with small businesses and studio owners has been simply inspiring!  Stay turned for that post - I can't wait to share!  

Austin, I'm on my way back, see you soon!

next weeks plans

I know, I've been so excited about this trip to California next week...but I really am excited.  I will miss my family but it will be great to get a way from my everyday routine for a few days.  

My friend and I love to learn new ways to grow our business but we also love to find craft shows when we travel.  Well GUESS WHAT....we found a show to attend while in Ventura...well the show is actually 1 1/2 hours away in Seal Beach...but we get to travel on Hwy 1 from Ventura...who can no to this amazing view of the ocean the entire trip - my hair will be a mess but it's going to be so worth it!

The Craft show - So we plan to attend Penelope Lane's Spring Boutique - I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!  We have been in contact with the organizers and plan to take lots of pictures and hopefully add a few more friends to our amazing list of super-fantastic business friends.  I see so many great items for easter baskets in my purchasing future!  For more info visit their blog

We also plan to visit a few vintage stores and get even more shopping done.   Yes, I remember this trip is really to go to an amazing business conference and learn to grow my business - but we can have fun too, right?  Don't worry - I will update my instagram, twitter and Facebook while I'm gone and will have a recap of the entire trip here on my blog when I return.  

I have a long list of items to get done before Wednesday.  On Wednesday I plan to:
 - get my hair done - yay!
 - have my bags packed at the door
 - plan to have a great dinner with my BFF
 - plan to get my nails done
 - plan to have an amazing dinner with my kids

Have a great Sunday everyone...I need to get to that to do list.  

Friday Letter - March 15th

dear spring break:  you few by so year I must plan something special for my kids

dear honey:  I'm so proud of you - always

dear craftcation conference:  6 more days!!!  Do you hear me!!!  6 more days!  Next week at this time I will wake up and take a walk on the beach and then attend a conference to help me grow my business, what more can a girl ask for?  can't wait to give out the KEEP CALM AND CRAFTCATION ON BUTTONS I MADE!

dear risa:  yes, next week I promise to call you every morning to remind you I'm on the beach in California - payback!

dear lani:  ready?

dear new texas shaped necklace:  I really do love you, really, I do.

dear waist:  what's seems like you are getting a tad smaller...maybe giving up wine is paying off - who knew?

I Think I'm in Love { yes again }

Everyone knows I love handmade items.
When I saw this on Etsy.... I knew I had to have it...
What more can I say, the packaging is perfect, even got a cute little note with the order.  So awesome.  So perfect.  So ME!
Everyone....introducing my TEXAS necklace from theFolk

The shop 
You can follow her on Twitter

When checking out you select your state  {of course} but the best part  - You also select your preference of gold or silver wire, or you can get a mixture.  My Texas and chain are both silver and then the heart is gold.  I love the choice to create your own necklace.

I will be sure to wear this next week when I travel to California and then again next month when I travel to Utah!

Thank you so much Julie

Friday Letter - March 8th

dear my honey's new work schedule - please make up your mind - I'm tired

dear honey - I'm here to support you.  Whatever you need

dear self - I'm not sure how I feel about shopping at our new store

dear wine - your day is coming!

dear kayla - come on, getting caught at school using your cell phone - ahhhhhh, rookie mistake.  But great job on the kitchen this week

dear anthony - we need to get you driving more.  I going to need your help.  Hopefully this summer you will be driving full-time.

dear risa - it's really ok.  It will all work out.  Can't wait for NYC.  Next year we should go back and work!  You never know.

dear craftcation...I will be in Cali attending your awesome conference is less tha 13 days - whooohoooo!

dear renegade craft show - FINALLY!  I get accepted to one of your awesome shows.  I hope I don't spend more than I make.  It's going to be AWE----SOME!


tisa's creations @ The Renegade Austin Craft Fair!

I'm really excited to share tisa's creations has been selected to participate at the Renegade Craft Fair Summer Show in Austin.

Here are the details:
The Renegade Austin Summer Craft Fair
May 18 + 19 2013
Palmer Events Center
11-7 PM each day
Free admission!

The Renegade Craft Fair (RCF) is a large-scale, curated, DIY and indie-craft marketplace. Featuring hundreds of artists at a time, vendors travel from all over to sell and showcase their handmade goods and original artwork. RCF is held yearly in urban centers of creative indie-entrepreneurship – including Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and London (UK).

Yay!  Excited - but lots of work to get done to make this an amazing show!

My Saturday - March 2nd

I decided to head out to the Round Rock Market was a cool day but my toes were so cute I wore my Deluxe OKC hoodie, jeans and flip-flops!  So fun

While there I met some amazing vendors with the cutest booths, two were new {to me}, let me introduce them:

Two Sisters Crafting
Visit them on Etsy
Visit and Like their Facebook Page

They had the cutest burlap banners and other awesome decorative items and the booth was really, really cute.  I hope to see them again at other shows soon!  Thanks you ladies for letting me take a picture.

{such a cute name}
Visit and Like their Facebook Page
Visit their website

ok, ok, ok...this booth was so, super cute.  It made me a little excited.  Vintage items for your home SO SO SO AWESOME...I wanted to look at every. single. thing they had.  There were so many people in the booth so I couldn't get a great picture of the entire booth.  I hope to meet these ladies again soon at upcoming craft shows, I hope they had an amazing day.  Thanks ladies for letting me get a super cute picture!

Now this lady I know, but her booth is always amazing and I have my eye on one of her necklaces..

Carol Bradley Designs
Visit her Etsy
Visit and Like her on Facebook

Carol's booth is always so neat and cute!  She creates handcrafted jewelry using sterling silver, gemstones, torch-fired enamel, copper, fine silver and more. The displays are color coordinated it makes you want to buy it all...

The Kettle Corn was great and of course I had to get a bag.  yum! yum!!

Round Rock Market Days are the first Saturday of each month through the end of the year.  There is more information on their Facebook page.  It's located on Main Street in Round Rock.  Round Rock Donuts and the Round Rock Food Trailers are right down the street...all in all it was a great day at the market.  I hope all the vendors had a great {and profitable} day!

Happy Sunday everyone!  

Friday Letter - March 1st

Dear everyone:  Happy March 1st

Dear Kayla:  I love to see 81's better than 47's!!!  Thanks for giving 100% this week at school.  But really I'm tired of the short jokes...come on...

Dear Anthony:  yay!  Class ring.

Dear Lani:  I love this picture of us.  Have a great weekend!

Dear Risa:  Thanks for letting me be honest and listening!  I completely understand where you are coming from.  It will all work you, you made a great decision.

Dear Honey:  Miss you

Dear Wine:  Miss you too!

Dear Work:  All I can say is UGH!  I'm so glad the next couple of weeks will be relaxing and then I'm off to Cali!  whooohooooo!  Counting the days...counting the days!

Dear Craftcation:  I'm sooooo excited...

Dear SNAP:  I'm sooooo excited...