DIY New Year's Eve Party

Bringing in the New Year is always exciting.  It's always exciting to be with friends and family.
A New Year  =  new goals, new possibilities, new ideas, new hopes and new dreams.

Why not throw a small party, it's easy and you can do it your self…so why not.  Here are a few things to help out…so simple and easy, anyone can do it.

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DIY Washi Tape Covered Notebook and Matching Pencils

Supplies you'll need:
Composition Book
Pencils ( I used white)
Assorted washi tape
2 sheets white card stock to cover notebook
X-acto knife
Double sided tape
Ribbon (optional)

To cover pencils tear off a piece of washi tape the length of the pencils and apply.  
Depending on the width of the tape, you may need two pieces per pencil.

Trim any extra excess from the top to expose the eraser and end of the pencil.
Then cover the rest of the pencils.

Cover the composition book with the white card stock using double-sided tape.  Cover both front and back of notebook.  Trim any excess

Then start to cover your notebook with the wash tape by lining up the pattern.  
Trim off any excess.  

Simply add ribbon and you're done.

Thanks for stopping by…

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Back to School - Teacher Gift Guide

OMGosh!  I can't believe school starts in one week.  My kids are older.  As a matter of fact, my oldest is a senior this year and my youngest one, yep a 8th grader!  Summer was great, they are able to stay up late. We don't give them a bed time in the summer and they can sleep as late as they want - the life, right?  I'm sad my kids are older and I do miss elementary school when I used to spoil my teachers with awesome gifts. Now that the kids are older I don't get close and personal with every single teacher {sad face goes here}

I've searched Etsy and found the cutest teacher here it is...

Just My Little Mess Back to School Teacher's Gift Guide

Hand Written Embroidered Initial Necklace
by the merriweather council

This is such a beautiful piece, I had to include it in the gift guide.  Necklace is hand embroidered with ANY initial in either uppercase or lowercase.  Perfect for any teacher or administrator!  

Personalized Teachers Gift Towel Printing Paper School
by kakabaka

This towel has an initial in a classic font in lowercase print, hand cut from designer black and ivory pin striped fabric. Old school printing paper is created with ribbons and embroidery thread.

Apple Cozy by My Knoodle Knits

Adorable little Apple Cozy a unique way to gift wrap your apple and protect your fruit from bruising.  These come in so many fun colors, I couldn't resist!

Personalized Stationery Gift Set
by nickwilljack

These personalized cards are great for sending a note home, thanking volunteers, and for thanking little ones. Make this gift set even more special by including a handwritten note from your child. All packaged up in a fun little bag and this gift is ready for giving.  This one made me wish my kids were still in elementary.  

Personalized Library Book Stickers - set of 12
by LITTLEbeane Boutique

These stickers are so cute and great to use for labeling all of your books. It's an extra special way to personalize your special library collection and to remind someone who to return your book to. Use them for your own works or use them for all of your children's books. They are even great to give as a gift to a new mother to put on all of her baby's first books she receives.

For the Love of Clothespins

Not sure if it's an organizational thing or if I just love the simple nature...but I love clothespins.  I like them glittered, covered in paper, covered in washi tape and I even love them natural.  I wanted to share a few that I've found, and of course, they are handmade and I've fallen in love with them.

Paper Box Quilt Co.
Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle...these are the cutest clothespins...I love the way the glitter only goes up only half way and then the added ribbon makes the packaging amazing!  Love!

Inspire Lovely
So super cute packaged in wee glass jar filled with 25 lovely glittery silver mini wooden clothespins.

Thurston Post
Washi tape covered chunky small clothespins in yellow, pink, aqua, and orange colors. Great for using in paper crafting, gift wrapping, home decor, ect.

Pixie Place

Set of 12 wooden mini clothespins - hand dyed in custom created shades of color. AWESOME!

I received permission from each shop featured in this post to list photos and websites.  No compensation nor products were exchanged for this post.  All opinions are mine.

Advent Calendar Kits available in our Etsy shop!
These will be in the shop the entire month of July as part of Christmas in July!  They are improved from last year.  The biggest complaint from our customers last year was the glitter strips did not have adhesive on the we have replaced the glitter strips with washi tape!
YES WASHI TAPE...I love the way these look...cute and trendy!

Here are a few pictures...enjoy!

Kits are perfect for kids at all ages. Great for sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Super simple to assemble, add washi tape each clothespin, add the sticker to each bag and hang – so easy. What a fun project for the entire family! Grab one for every child you know – they will love this! Treat bags can hold candy, small toys, gift cards or special notes. 

Each kit includes:
24 bags in your choice of chevron pattern or striped pattern
24 blank clothespins
72 inches - assorted wash tape (patterns may vary)
8 feet of twine
Set of count down stickers (set of 24)


we have a winner...

Chrissy F!!!
congrats, you won a 3D Image View Finder!!

July Photo a Day

Do you follow us on Instagram?

No?  Why not, you should get in on the fun.  Our instagram has exclusive give a ways and sales!  This past weekend, we gave a way 2 sets of address labels.  If you missed out, don't worry, we have more fun planned this month!

Also, starting tomorrow we will host our very first photo a day!
It's my birthday month and why not celebrate with sharing awesome photos and seeing yours too!

Here are some instructions
1.  take a look at the list and great creative
2.  start taking pictures
3.  tag us using #tcphotoadayjuly and @tisascreations
4.  have fun!
5.  don't stress out, it's ok to miss a day (or two)!

email me at if you have any questions!  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Image3D Viewers and Reels + Give a way!

ViewFinder with custom reels!  Who knew!!!  I saw this and knew I had to find out more.

A little background:
"If you've picked up an original View-Master in the last few decades, changes are the images were shot they one man.  Rich Dudnow was lead photographer at View-Master for twenty years producing work for creative visionaries like Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg.

In 1997, Rich founded Image3D...Dince then, they have grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art facility producing custom-made 3D experiences for everyone from blushing brides to corporate titans."  {quotes + all images without the tisa's creations logo are from the Image 3D website}

There is a really cute video tutorial on how to Build your Reel:  HERE 

I had the fun pleasure of creating fun! Here is the preview of my reel from the website!  You can preview before you order just to be sure you have the reel exactly the way you want it.  
Each finder comes carefully packaged in a white box (custom packaging is also available).

The view finders come in 4 colors...the orginal red, black, blue and white...I wanted all the colors but could only choose white was my choice!  And I love it.  It's sits near the front door with the rest of the family pictures, people pick it up each time they walk in.  So cute!

Image3D has been so generous and has given me an extra one for one of my readers!  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter...the widget it might take a minute to it to show up, please be patient.  Good luck!  Have a great week!  Winner will be announced Friday, July 5th  

Please note:  This is a post sponsored by Image 3D.  I've received free product for this post.  All ideas and opinions are my own.  

Winners: Kustom Kissers Lip-Balm Giveaway!

     KELLY K


kustom kissers lipbalm + giveaway

I would love to introduce Kustom Kissers!  Such a cute company.  I was actually lucky enough to meet the creator and owner Heather at the SNAP blogging conference back in April.  So incredibility nice!  

Heather offers natural lip balm, made with high quality ingredients - soooooo very smooth on the lip.  Her prices are amazing and so perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, or you can even use them for small business promotional items.
They are so easy to's just four easy steps
1.  upload your images
2.  choose your flavor (includes:  vanilla, mint, cherry, blue raspberry & original)
3.  preview your item
4. order and wait for your goodies to arrive.

Heather has a lip balm of the month club, and sadly, she is no longer taking members.   However, I had the pleasure of designing a set of lip-balms for her club.  yay!

It was so fun to do and I was very honored that she reached out to me asked me.  Each member received my three lip balm designs and they also receive a great letter about me (the designer! ha!)

I love the color, teal, and pink...what do you think?  I hope the members all liked them.

So Heather has been so super sweet , she actually sent me 12 lip balms to give to my readers!  YAY!

I've decided to pick 6 readers who will receive 2 assorted lip balms.  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter...the widget it might take a minute to it to show up, please be patient.  Good luck!  Have a great week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Congrats Debby, you won the Cinnamon*Sticks gift certificate!  
Contact me for details!

YAY! Cinnamon*Sticks Giveaway!

I must say, I've been crushing on Cinnamon*Sticks for about a year.  I've sent my husband several hints to the items I like in their shop.  That didn't seem to work, so I sent him the actual link to the stacking rings I love.  And told him he had time to order in time for Christmas.  Still nothing.  So I was lucky enough to attend the SNAP conference last month.  SNAP brought in the Queen Bee Market one night for us to shop and guess who was a vendor at the Queen Bee Market?  YES, YES, YES!!!  Cinnamon*Sticks!  I. COULD.  NOT. BELIEVE. IT!

So I went shopping {of course} and I have not taken off the rings I purchased since that night.  The work is amazing.  The quality is stunning.  I'm now working on picking out my next piece{s}.   

A little about Cinnamon*Sticks.  Their style is clean, simple, elegant, modern, elecetic, whimsical, and rustic.  Yep, all at the same time.  

They only use high quality materials that are lovingly and meticulously crafted in to beautiful designs. The quality and and craftsmanship is top notch.  They also create custom designs and would love to work with you to create something special. 

Cinnamon*Sticks has given me a gift card to share with my readers.  I'm so excited!  But hurry and enter, contest ends Monday night and the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter...the widget it might take a minute to it to show up, please be patient.  

Friday Letter: May 24, 2013

dear self:  I'm so proud of you.  Craftcation in March, SNAP Conference in April and The National Stationery Show in much traveling.  And oh, my I've meet so many new people!  It's been great.  It's now time for a break to just chill for a while and start going through all my new contacts and information

dear new york:  not sure about you - I'm sure not in love with you - but thanks for the great pic

dear Risa:  thanks for going to New York with me

dear new car:  soon?

dear weight watchers:  thank you...I'm liking the new me

dear mrs bordorf (my daughter's teacher):  thank you so much, you are one of the best teacher's I've met in a while.  thank you for always going above and beyond.  I hope you have a super summer!

Friday Letter - May 3, 2013

dear honey - thank you for all the support.  You are my best friend and I love you.  Thanks for loving me!

dear Risa - tick tock, tick tock!

dear kids - only 4 more weeks of school left - YES!!!

dear kayla:  so glad you are loving both dance teams, you are amazing!  Keep up the great work!

dear self - so proud and happy.  So many amazing things happening - but nothing will happen if you continue to sit on your hands.  Get busy!  AND...39 is coming...plan to make the 39th year something to remember!

dear instagram - I think I'm in love with you.

dear new logo - finally found you!  finally!  thanks for dressing up my facebook and to work on the rest on the rest of the social media family!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

PAPER and PLACE creates custom travel map and wax seal jewelry: map necklaces, wax seal necklaces, map rings, wax seal USA State necklaces, map lockets, wax seal bracelets, and map cufflinks.  I have purchased two of her pieces and I love them.  So super cute!  

You can find PAPER and PLACE on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter

sweetpress Studio
Sweetpress Studio offers affordable printable files of home decor and weddings, invitations, announcements and more. The best can print these files at your convenience.

I could not get enough of this print...perfect for Mother's Day!  

 You can find sweetpress studio on Etsy Facebook and Twitter

My Handbound Books
Handmade journals!  These make my writing look so awesome.  I love these.
What a great gift.  I like journals (I have a small collection), but I love handmade journals...check these out!
You can find My Handbound Books on Etsy or Twitter

Pera Press
I love paper, I think all of you know this...
I know, I know I create stationery, but when I saw this personalized stationery on etsy I knew it had to be apart of this gift guide.  If you're looking for pretty paper goods, you must check out Pera Press! Their personalized stationery and bookplate sets make thoughtful and affordable gifts for Mother's Day. 

You can find Pera Press on Etsy and on Facebook

Wild Violetta

All natural, organic shea body butter and botanical face and body products.  Made with a blend pure essential oils, vitamins, and rich oils.  ok...this is really cute - Travel Gift Set you can customize...awesome!
You can find Wild Violette on Etsy and Facebook

Baffin Bags

These are a must have for me.  A set of 4 Linen Storage Bin Containers with chalk labels - perfect for the organized mom.  These are perfect for everything in every room of the house.  

You can find Baffin Bags on Etsy and Facebook

Three Goobers

And for that mom that loves coffee (yep that's me) who could not resist this - such a cute coffee cozy.  I love all of the Three Goobers handmade cozies and all should visit her shop

You can find Three Goobers on Etsy