start a health kick!!! who me, yes, ME!!!

This is what I had for dinner tonight (it was really yummy) - I want to become just a little more healthy.   I didn't take a picture of the glass of wine on purpose, ha!  My sister and I were talking today about what what we will give up for Lent this year.  We are not Catholic, but this is something that we try to practice every year.  So I think I will give up...are you ready...FAST FOOD...ugh!  I'm so sad, because that means I will need to cook every weeknight!  YIKES!  Ok, that it - FAST FOOD!

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Lydia said...

I was thinking about giving that up as well.

I'd rather give up working, but I'm not sure I could claim a religious exemption.

I also considered giving up chocolate, but my little voice said that wouldn't be good for anyone.