Whoooohooooo!  I'm officially on vacation until Jan 5th...
I'm so super excited!!!
Last year at this time I made two foolish goals:  1.  Drink at least one glass of wine everyday.  2.  To wear sweats everyday...yeah and guess what, I gained about 10 pounds and could barely fit back into my work clothes when it was time to go back to work.  With all that said, I've come up with a new vacation goals this year:
     1.  Create at least 4 new stationary designs
     2.  Get out and do something with the much as possible
     3.  Read a good book
     4.  Organize desk area!!!!
     5.  Try something new
     6.  Blog daily
We will see how it goes this year...


Lydia said...

I love all your goals - the old and the new!!

And if it only took you 25 minutes to get here girl - you were SPEEDING!

You should have stopped by!

Can't wait to see the new designs!!

BlossomingTree said...

Looks like a reasonable list to me. Enjoy your vacation! :-)