My TO-DO List for Sunday


I will list everything I really want to get done tomorrow...let's see how much really gets done...

1. Package all giveaways and get them to the post office, but I lost my ATM card, so they will be mailed later in the week
2. Send my sister money for the custom craft fair apron
3. Package all completed cards
4. Start packages for Dell Children's
6. Add new cards to website
7. Find someone to create custom embosser for Tisa's Creations
8. Erin's tags
9. Tags for craft fair
10. Make cards using Words of Wisdom stamp set - I'm checking this one off becuase it's desgned, but only one is complete....
11. Attend PTA meeting (yes on a Sunday)
12. Clean, dust, vacuum living room and clean bathroom... this is list is super long, I better get started on it tonight. Yes, the bathroom, can't wait any longer.

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Twin_number2 said...

did you complete everything on your list?