Blog-iversary Giveaway #6

Winner of this giveaway is Creativeflutter!  Thanks everyone!

Yarn Obession is Sedruola Maruska's home for appeasing her yarn lust. The mother of one finds that her yarn escape helps to keep her grounded and calm. She and her family currently live in Massachusetts. The changing season's as well as the vibrant landscape help inspire her designs. As the season's change so do her preferred color use, as well as the items she designs.

Sedie of Sedruola Maruska's Yarn Obsession have gengously donated an "Adjustable Neck Cuff". She will allow the winner to select a color which means it is a custom made item for YOU - the transaction will be completed in her Etsy shop. It will be made and shipped with in one week. Visit her shop then come back here and tell me about one of the many wonderful things she has to offer. Also, I've link some of her creations at the top of this page.

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Twin_number2 said...

These are great!!!

BlossomingTree said...

The aqua blue neckwarmer is very pretty.

CreativeFlutter said...

WOW those are all gorgeous how could one pick??? I have to say the ones with multiple buttons stand out to me.

Lydia said...

You sure are doing some cool stuff!!!!

I tagged you! Check my blog for deets!

Can't wait to see you next weekend!!

CreativeFlutter said...

Hi Tisa,

I've never heard back about how I get the item. Do I contact the seller or do you?

Thanks Aimee