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I saw this on the How About Orange Blog! (I read her blog daily, great ideas)
Try it. I wanted to find out what color matches up with my birthday on Pantone's Colorstrology website. I'm Coral means I'm gentle and soothing...Coral Blush inspires love and receptivity. the moon rules the skies during the month of July and just as the moon goes thur its phases and cycles, so do we. The silver in this color signifies the value of change, reflection and receptivity and the pink represents love and tenderness. Together, we have a color that can be used in times of change or transition and as an aid for emotional healing. Wearing, meditation or surrounding yourself with Coral Blush helps open the heart and lift the spirit. Does your description and color fit you?

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KisforCalligraphy said...

Thanks for this link! I am Pantone Lime Green PMS # 14-0244! How cool!
xo, Katy
your fellow EtsyPaper team member