Blog-iverary Give-A-Way - #1 - ended 9-16-08

I would like to introduce Blossoming Tree Body Care.
Blossoming Tree is a woman owned and operated business which started in 2006.  Mz. Lisa creates bath & body products and cold press soaps.  Her business came about due to this dissatisfaction of commercial bath and body products.  Blossoming Tree continues to evolve by using organic fair trade raw materials.  If there is an organic option it will be the first choice to go into her products.  All products are made in a smoke free environment and unless otherwise noted handmade soap is 100% vegan.

Lisa had donated Botanical Facial Cream, made with Marula oil, squalane, orchid complex and organic and organic botanical extracts of hibiscus, iris and chamomile.  Made to combat dry winter skin.  

This item isn't yet offered to Lisa's customers.  The winner will be the first to get it before it's even listed for her customers to order.

Make your way to Lisa's shop

To win, leave me a comment listing one of the items she has listed in her shop.  Please don't forget to include your email address.  Winner will be announced Sept 16th.


bellearoma said...

Romantic Rose Spice Scented Body Balm

Thanks Tisa! -dee

Mad Hatter's Pottery said...

How fun, Tisa! I like the Pink Patchouli body spray!

Brandon said...

Super fun! I like the herbal foot soak- it sounds so relaxing.

crystal said...

Hi Tisa,
I love Patchouli and i think that the Pink Patchouli Dry oil body spray sounds great:)

quitecontrary1977 said...

I want the dry oil body spray, too! I loe oilig my body after a shower! Helps make dry skin!

Katie Lyons said...

I have two favs, the Exfoliating Clay Mask and the Herbal Foot Soak 5 pk! I love pampering myself and I don't get to do it too often anymore so these look like they would be amazing. And being a mom I'm chasing after my little guy all day and my feet need a nice soaking! :) Thanks so much!
Katie Lyons

My @ tha Hotness said...

Congratulations on your Blog-iversary. Keep up the great work. I will drop my item in the mail this afternoon.

getpalmd said...

Exfoliating Clay Mask

I don't get enough of these kind of giveaways.. it's just so fun to try out new products and share them with others!

wavecloud said...

Exfoliating Clay Mask:

Digital Misfit said...

The Herbal Foot Soak sounds wonderfully invigorating for poor tired tooties like mine. I really need to start pampering my feet - they work so hard for me, yet get so very few rewards.

Chrystal S said...

Wow! The herbal foot soak looks fantastic and sounds just wonderful! :)
Chrystal S

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