i'm a lucky girl...

i love my latest toy!  Yep, an iPhone...I love it, oh, I already said that.  So the Apple store has these awesome classes and I went to the iPhone class today to learn tips.  Those people are awesome!  I learned so many new things that I didn't know.   The greatest thing about it (well there are several things) but I'm able to check my Tisa's Creations email from where ever I am, I don't need to run home from work to get my email.   I can respond much more quickly than before, which I love! (oh, I've said that!)  I can check out etsy, my blog or whatever when I'm waiting in at the doctors office, or waiting for the PTA meeting to start!  Ok enough about the phone, I have more good news!

I've been asked to do 'wedding invites' I can't wait to post a picture...the wedding is not until September, but I promise, as soon as she sends them out I will post it on my blog.  Until next time!

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