Exciting news...

ok, this time I will post the picture first...ta daaah!  What do you think?  It's one of the mother's days cards I'm selling this year.  You likie like?

Ok for some exciting news:
1.  I'm was asked to be interviewed for a craft magazine...I'm so excited.  If it gets published I will give more details.  I can't even believe I was asked...so fun!

2.  I've join an etsy team:  Etsy Artist of Color!  Another thing I'm excited about.  Check it out to the right hand side of this page, you will see some really great handmade items.  I can't wait to meet everyone.

3.  I've been invited to my local chambers of commerce Woman's Power Luncheon next month!  Who me?  Yes me!  I have to admit, this makes me so nervous.  I will go, because I never want to look back on this opportunity and think about what I could've, would've, should've done.  So, I will go, proudly, with my business cards and card samples in hand.   Wish me luck!

Until next time - 

in a perfect world...

...in a perfect world, life is ALWAYS great, not much changes, your loved ones are always with you and never leave. Your kids always look perfect (not a hair out of place), they don't talk back to you , and their rooms are always clean. There is never a need to worry. Every night you have a great night sleep. Just a thought...

So most of you know that I've started a new line of stationary...I wanted to share the latest one I've added to the Tisa's Creations collection. See them all here.

knitting...not for me

I just like making knitting cards.

So I think most of you know that I have a twin sister. We do everything alike...but about a year ago, she started to knit. She found this awesome yarn store in Oklahoma...L&B Yarn and loves it! But for me knitting isn't fun nor relaxing I get so frustrated with the whole thing. So I decided to kinda play off on what I love (making cards) and what she loves (knitting)...mix well, bake for 45 mins at 350 and this is the end result: ta-daaaaa! Awesome knitting cards! hehe! Visit my shop on Etsy to view my other knitting creations! Enjoy!