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The next 20 people who add me to their favorites on the Etsy website willl recieve this Smitten card FREE! Smitten is a card in my Valentine's collection. No shipping no handling - I will contact you to varify your mailing address, and send it. No strings attached! Here's the link
Send it to your friends and family. Make it a great day!
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new cards on etsy!!!

ok, I just love this card...I call it "Impress Thank You"...the colors work really well together - wekk at least I think so. Some said something to me today that really made me think...she said that I shouldn't sell myself short. And you know what...I'm going to stop selling myself short and be proud of all I do - at home, at work, and with my card creations. I won't go too far and brag but, I can be a little more positive about my accomplishments! Anyway enjoy this card...if you want to purchase here. Until next time

a new year

...I know it has been a while since my last sorry. Hope you all had a great Holiday...I did. My twin sister came down for several days and we had a really great time. The best part about it - I was on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks...I wore sweats and drank wine more can you ask for. Ok...I got the new amazing paper and found this awesome stamp on a webiste some where - and ta-daaaaaaa....this is what I came up cute and simple. ok, gotta go, until next time