26 days, 18 hours...

...until Christmas!

I just thought about it, I have been making Christmas cards for everyone expect for me and my family...uhg! I guess I need to get a move on that...I thought I would share another card with you - my 4 readers! Enjoy. I got this idea from Splitcoast Stampers. This is a great web site to get great card and scrapbooking ideas!

Have a great Wednesday...the week is half over.

...getting ready for the holidays...exciting!

I put up my Christmas tree today, it's so AWESOME! I'm almost done with all of my holiday shopping - thank goodness. Now all I need to do is get through all of the holiday parties/dinners I have coming up. And to have my annual cookie exchange! That will be fun!
Thanksgiving was great! I did see my sister - we had coffee Friday morning, we woke up at 3AM to go shopping...it was 'super' fun! I went to visit with my grandmother's house...now, that was the best. I was able to help her set up tables (yes, there were 3!) it was a bonding experience. Let me explain...I'm 30'ish and when we go to visit my grandmothers I'm still treated like a kid. We do not go into the kitchen to help. My grandmother, mom and aunts usually take care of everything...so this year, I stepped up...I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. It was a special time because this was the first Thanksgiving without my grandfather, he died last January. Man, I missed him so much!!!
So to put Thanksgiving 2007 in the history book, I wanted to share my Bella Fall Card...isn't she cute?! Until next time!

...a new card to share and to give away

Thank you everyone for looking. The first 3 people who leave me a comment on this card will get it free...Yep just leave me a comment and I will get it in the mail to you, hopefully it will be nice comment...I will announce the winners in my next post. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK!

...whew, one down...

Yesterday I had a craft fair...for some reason I get VERY nervous every single time I participate in one. But it all worked out! I sold many items! I'm happy. Even if I didn't sell anything, I was just so glad to get my name out there, I got new business cards made. My sister put me in contact with her friend Christy, we worked together and came up with an awesome business card design. I've attached another card for your enjoyment! Have a great week!

my new favorite card

...ok all my cards are my favorite. But this one is cool. I'm finding the most amazing stamps out there in the world. Can't wait to find more.
I find my self more and more busy lately. My craft fairs are coming up really soon - I'm so excited...can't wait! This cross is stamped on Shimmery card stock and then embossed in silver, all mounted on a piece of brushed silver card stock. I'm also going to make this card in gold and bronze. Let me know what you think.

today was a GOOD day

Check out another cutie pie of a card...

I found another awesome stamper today...her name is Rochelle visit her blog at:http://impressionsbyrochelle.blogspot.com/. I will definitely add her to my favs.

I found this on her blog, and thought it would be fun to try to answer. So Here are my answers. They have to be one word answers. That is the hard part.

Yourself: Sassy
Your Partner: Quite
Your Hair: Short
Your Mother: Great Grandmother
Your Father: Handsome
Your Favorite Item: New Wedding Ring
Your Dream Last Night: None
Your Favorite Drink: Margarita
Your Dream Car: BMW
Dream Home: 4000 square feet
The Room You Are In: Living Room
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Atlanta
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Family
You’re Not: Quite
One of Your Wish List Items: Bellas
The Last Thing You Did: check email
You Are Wearing: PJs
Your Favorite Weather: Fall
Last Thing You Ate: Bear Rock Sandwich
Your Life: Busy
Your Mood: Snappy
Your Best Friend: Nori
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Selling cards
Your Car: Cute!
What Are You Doing At The Moment: typing
Relationship Status: Married
What Is On Your TV: Deal/No Deal
What Is The Weather Like: Hot
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: today, all day

is it fall yet?

Even though it's 90 degrees outside today I wanted to post a fall card. Isn't it cute? This is a card that I made about 2 years ago, it's still one of my favs. I'm so excited that it's fall...you wouldn't think so here in Texas. But we are supposed to get a cold front next weekend.

I got another lovely package from Mz. Bella herself over the weekend. I love the bella stamps - it takes forever to get them, but let me tell you it's worth the wait. Can't wait to get started on some more cards for my upcoming craft fairs.