Nuun Friends and Family code anyone?

As summer season is upon us, staying hydrated is more important than ever! 

Nuun would like to share some #nuunlove with my friends and family, so you can stay hydrated too!
Now through 7/23/15 you can get Nuun for 20% off with the coupon code NuunSummer15.  
Simply go to Nuun for 20% off most items! Feel free to share this code with your friends, family, teammates, and even on your blog and social media.

I love using Nuun to stay hygrated on my runs and even in boot camp.  The packaging is amazing and the wide variety of flavors are awesome.  With less than 8 calories per drink and no added sugars...Nuun's perfect.  

Disclaimer:  This post is no way sponsored by Nuun, however, I'm currently a 2015 Nuun ambassador. 

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day - 2015

Yesterday was National Running Day - did you get your miles in?   I didn't run miles but I did go to boot camp in the morning and then yoga in the evening.  Before last week I had not run in about 25 days.  Life has been beating me up pretty well.  For last couple of weeks and I just needed a break.

 People ask me all the time...WHY DO YOU RUN?  Here is my answer. 

national memo day

did you get the memo?
today is national memo day!!
What national memo day, yup, a paper-lovers DREAM

tisa's favorite things: day 21

{things making me happy today}

I've had a stressful couple of weeks and I'm surrounding myself with things that only make me happy. Here are a few of my faves!

Starbucks Straws - Summer Collection
I'm so in love with these straws, really I feel like using these make my water taste better

Studio C Laptop Cover - I purchased this a few weeks ago and I smile each time I reach for my laptop.  So much color - so much fun! (and it's almost 50% off at Best Buy)

If you have not had this tea, you much try it - I think I've drank a 2 gallon in the last 2 days.  So yummy.  

I still must work, right?  And right now I'm in love with Levenger Dotted Paper!  I use this for my corporate job and I find myself taking better notes and staying a bit more organized.  It's just a preference, sometimes I want to write small - other times larger.  I don't feel limited with dots and my writing is still perfectly in line.

tisa's favorite things: day 20

{creative ways to use mason jars}

I love mason jars.  I love their vintage feel and modern ways to use them.
here are a few of my faves!  enjoy

super cute mini pot pies

what an amazing way to package a cupcake.
Great idea!

Mason Jar Garden from Pinerest love, love - love!

How about these cute little banana nut bread made in mason jars - from the girls over at Made From Pinterest

And what about these - the cutest gift ever!
 From Something Turquoise
Head on over and check out the rest of the combos

tisa's favoriate things: Day 19

{kitchen redesign}

we are thinking of change the decor in our kitchen.  the counter tops and adding new tile to the back splash.  I'm wanting to keep the appliances, cabinets, counter tops and floor modern.  but I want to decorate with all things vintage. I think it might all work.  these are the items I'm looking at.

mason jar soap dispenser

subway tile

vintage scale - I think adding kitchen towels will make this perfect, right next to the kitchen sink.

tea towels

decorating with vintage muffin tins, this is an amazing picture from the songbird blog.  Love this.

Light cleaver. Photo from the intriguerie blog

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day

tisa's favorite things: day 18

{Beauty supplies}

I wanted to share items that I use every day.  I'm no fashion or make-up expert, I'm just sharing what I like.  

                         They're Real Mascara                                                                                                                        Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara
I love these both and I alternate when I purchase them.  this month I'm buxom, but the last three months I used they're real.

I have had a hard time with acne since high school.  I recently switched to this after receiving a sample and it works pretty well.  
mary kay eye makeup remover...the rest thing EVER!  I love this stuff.

I do currently use mac foundation and powder

carmex this is one of my all time faves.  I have carmex at my desk, one in my car, one in my purse and another one in my running basket near the front door.  

have a great day!

tisa's favorite things: day 17


this is my all-time favorite coffee EVER!  hands down.  
it's only available in January, that is the only thing that sucks about this coffee.
It has hints of citrusy brightness and a lingering cocoa finish…ahhhhh, the best thing ever!

I stock up on this but I do run out - so for the rest of the year I do drink Starbucks Pike Place everyday

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