Simple DIY Chipboard Coasters

I needed a really quick house warming gift.  I purchased a gift card for the couple.  But I also wanted to give them something handmade with a personal touch..  I thought chipboard coasters would be perfect. You can make lots of these for a small price.  These are disposable, so I made a stack of them.

Here are the things you will need to get started:
  - Round chipboard coasters (you can purchase here)
  - Vinyl
  - Electronic cutting machine

I wanted to use the words 'home sweet home'.  I just typed it out in my cutting machine software and then just used the fonts I liked most.  Simply cut it out and apply to coasters.  I added a great ribbon and I had an instant gift

Teacher's Gift Under $3!

I saw this package of gum and knew I would be able to do something with it.  The first thing I thought - this would be cute as a teacher's gift using craft supplies I already had on hand.  Here is how I made it.
Extra Sugar Free Gum - 35 stick package
Scrap piece scrapbook paper or card stock
Mini clothespin
Washi Tape
Glue Dots
Your choice of paper punches

1. Remove gum from package
2. Use the paper insert as a template and trace onto your scrapbook paper
3.  Cut
4.  Use the gum insert as a template again to fold the scrapbook paper
5. Insert the scrapbook paper into the plastic package
6. And decorate - I used ribbon, a covered clothespin and added a tag.
7. Have fun with this one.

DIY Planner Cover + Printable

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I'm so excited to be apart of the MyPrintly Creative Team.  Myself and several other fabulous bloggers bring you ideas that inspire you to create, print and share!  

Last month I shared how easy it is to change out your Erin Condren planner.  I love the cover that comes with planner but I do like to change it up just a bit.  Head on over to the MyPrintly site to check out the tutorial, view the video and also grab the printable.  It's so easy and you only need a few supplies to get started

More about Erin Condren next week!  Until then you can check out the site.  I'm loving all the personalized products I've found at Check it out for yourself and you'll receive $10 off your first purchase!

Lunch Box Notes + Printable

I've created a set of Lunch Box Notes - perfect for kids as well as adults alike.  I love the idea of encouraging anyone!
Here in Texas the kids have been having state testing in school.  So, think about how a child would feel to sit down at lunch, open their lunchbox after a stressful test to be surprised with a cute little note of encouragement.

Just print, cut them out with your paper trimmer and insert into a lunchbox.

You can find the printable here.  Have a great week!

Quick Crafting Tip: Mod Podge

I purchase Mod Podge in huge containers.  The largest I’ve found without ordering online is 64 ounces.  I seem to need lots of this stuff in the fall - I purchase the largest container I can find.
I do leave the top off for lot of hours and I’ve found this tends to make the glue a little thick or the sides become dry and then I find I’m wasting glue.
So, I found a really quick solution.  I grab a small mason jar and pour from the larger container.  The mason jar seals enough to work perfect for my projects and the glue inside seems to stay ‘fresh’.  Plus, who doesn’t love mason jars, right?
That’s my quick tip for the day.

Painted Gumball Machine

March is National Crafting Month...I'm so excited to join Jen Goodie of 100 Directions to celebrate all things crafty.
National Craft Month Series with
This week, it's all about paint, and most of you know, I love paint!  So, I broke out the spray paint and got to crafting.  I'm happy to share my teal gumball machine project with you.

I ordered my gumball machine online and knew from the start I wanted a different color.  You only need a few things to get started.  The hardest part of this project for me - having enough patience and waiting for the paint to dry so I could use it.

Gumball Machine
Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Cardboard or cardboard box
Extra newspaper or plastic bags

While the gumball machine was perfect, I wanted to to fit my brand better as I wanted to take it along with me to craft shows.

I stared with a new machine, the parts were perfect.  But if you happen to have a vintage machine, I suggest you contact the company of your machine for any needed replacement parts.

I took apart the machine and put all the inside parts and glass bowl to the side.

I then filled the inside part of the machine with plastic bags and used painters tape to cover all the areas I didn't want to paint.  And remember you want no paint on the inside of the machine. It just keep any food safe.
And just paint.  I needed 3-4 coats. It's very humid here in Texas, so I was required to let it dry for days, about 3 times longer than the instructions on the can.  I even brought it inside the house from the garage the last two days just to be sure.

Hope you enjoy!  If could paint a gumball machine in any color, what color would that be?  
National Craft
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DIY Easter Tag + FREE Easter Printable

Easter is coming really quick this year!  Why not print out a few Easter Tags to add to your celebrations.  I remember growing up my mom worked her butt off to make sure we had a fabulous Easter each year.  Details were always perfect.  The day was spent at my grandmother's house, huge lunch, my papa, lots of cousins, aunts and uncles and of course, church.  I love my Easter memories.
I created this printable hoping to add to some of your Easter memories.  These fun tags could be used for celebrate Easter or even a spring party.  Great for teachers, neighbors, friends, or co-workers

I started off with a few supplies:
 - small glass jars
 - Scissors
 - hole punch
 - 2 inch paper punch
 - twine
 - candy
 - printable
It's really easy, just print out the tags using photo paper or card stock.
Punch out the tags using your 2 inch circle paper punch
Punch a hole with your hold punch
Fill the jars with candy
Use twine to attach tag to jar...that's it.
The fun part is selecting all the fun easter candy to put inside.
I think this project would be perfect with mason jars. And the grass is edible!  Super cute!

You can get the printable here
{this is a non sponsored post | The Digi Rainbow on Etsy helped with background designs}

10 Minute Craft: DIY Writing Journal

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I wanted to quickly share a quick DIY Writing Journal.  You only need a couple of items to get started.  Here we go...

 - Writing Journal - similar one here
 - Alphabet Stickers - I used Meri Meri Alphabet Gold Glitter Stickers, you can find them here
 - Ruler
 - Pencil


Select the your word and just start from the middle, that seems to work best for me.  Using the ruler will make it a little easier for you.  If you need to draw a line to keep the letters level, draw it really light so its easy to erase.

That's it.  Here's your 10 minute craft.  Love these.  See you soon.

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