Friday Letter - Dec 19, 2014

dear christmas: I can't believe you are almost here!  I think times flies by faster the older I get

dear vacation:  welcome!  stay a while.  almost 2 weeks off!  Amazing!  I sooooo need it.

dear 2015:  I'm coming.  I need to starting setting goals.  Goals for running, business goals and also work goals.

dear left ear:  I can't hear a thing.  I think to try to get into the doctor TODAY

dear running - ok, let's start getting ready for this race.  I'm so behind in training but I'm getting back on target.  I love this picture of me.  I know it's not much to many of you, but this is the day I ran my first 10 miles - I will never forget this day.

dear erin condren:  I'm sorry I tried another planner...but in the end I came back to you.  I guess I will need to throw out the 'other' planner I purchased....it's really all about the quality of the paper.

dear everyone:  have a fantastic weekend.  I plan to wrap gifts, clean and rest.



New Ikea Paper Line and Giveaway!

I had the pleasure to attend the viewing party for Ikea Round Rock New Paper Line.  I honestly didn't know what to expect - everyone knows that I absolutely love paper.  And I also love Ikea.  Putting them both together is something I never imagined.

Ikea surpassed my expectations.  Not only do they carry cute journals, an amazing oversized clipboard, and paperclips.  They also carry wrapping paper and party items!  I had a super great time.

While there, I did pick up a few things:
How cute are these tags?  Awesome, right? {only .99 cents per pack!  yay!}

And these cute notebooks, I have a great DIY project idea coming soon for these:

And I could not leave without picking up these super cute paper clips - the number clips had me at hello! 

You can find the entire Paper Shop line here from Ikea.  I hope you are able to visit an Ikea near you soon to pick up a few (or all) of these amazing products.

Now for the giveaway
I also picked up this awesome Overlagsen 27-peice Party Set + the Matching Cups + Matching Plates + Matching Napkins - YES, you get all of these as part of the giveaway!


To enter all you need to do is leave 2 comments below.  Comment #1 let us know what occasion you plan to celebrate using this set.  Comment #2 let me know you follow us on Instagram.  That's it - so simple!  Share with your friends.  Also, make sure you head over to Life Anchored for another chance to win some Ikea Paper Shop awesomeness!

{this post is sponsored by Ikea.  I received free products for this post.  All options are my own.  Also all images are from Ikea}

Friday Letter: October 17, 2014

Dear Friday:  Thank you so much for finally getting here.

Dear Ebola:  You are starting to scare me.  Please I hope we can get this under control.  I do feel sorry for the 2 nurses who have this horrible virus.  My thoughts are with them and their families.

Dear knee:  Come on!  Seriously?

Dear cold (or whatever you are):  Please go away.

Dear Ikea Round Rock:  Thank you for hosting an amazing event

Dear upcoming craft shows:  Come on, I'm ready (well, almost)!

Dear self:  Continue to remind yourself to Be Still…

thanks for visiting, tisa


31 Days My Favorite Things: October 13, 2014: Fall Dresses

I think most of you know I've lost weight and the one thing I now love is to wear dresses. I didn't like wearing dresses before...but now, I shop for dresses like never before.  I wanted to share with you some of my faves for the fall season.  And I may, nor may not have half of these in my closet now.....shhhhhh

I love this site...and I hope to love this dress, it will be shipped soon.  Posting coming soon about company and how you can customize your dress.  I can't wait to share!
It's from eShakti 

Would you believe me if I said this dress is from Old Navy?  Yep, Old Navy.  I can see me wearing this on Thanksgiving - looks so relaxing.  

this dress is from Loft - I love the small detail of leather on the shoulders.  I think a metallic belt would might be perfect with this.  

I really like this color for fall, this dress is from Banana Republic

Thanks for stopping by. 

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